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An onion makes you cry but there no other veggie that makes you laugh. Onions are the 6th most cultivated Veggie in the world.

Nutritional values with Onion:
  • Onion consists to vitamin - C (20%) which improves disease fighting capabilities.
  • Onions have phyto-chemicals which maximize working of Vitamin-C on the body and tend to increase immunity power.
  • Onions have quercetin a kind of polyphenols which fights against cancer.
  • Onion juice will eliminate pain and gives relief from honeybee bite.
  • Onion leaves are rich source of vitamin-A.
  • Onions have sulphur which improves blood circulation without any clotting (antitumor) in the body and keeps heart healthy.
  • Onions improves tissue connectivity due to presence of sulphur.
  • Onions are good anti-inflammatory agents due to presence of quercetin compound.
  • Onions contain a verity of amino acids (cystine and methionine) which helps in body detox.
  • Onion release 40 calories of energy per 100grams.
  • Onion has chromium which checks blood sugar levels.
  • Onions are used to cure insomnia and bring good sleep at night.
  • Onions have properties to eliminate Atherosclerosis and Osteoporosis.
  • Onions are anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-microbial due to presence of allicin. Allicin is the main reason to get tears while cutting this veggie.
  • Onions when chopped finer it oxidizes and give powerful benefits.
  • Onions contain pro-biotic which helps to raise friendly bacteria in stomach and improves defense system in the body.
  • Onions contain dietary fiber (11%) which eliminates constipation.
  • Onions are used to cure Ear and Urinary pains.
  • Onions will keep tooth healthy by eliminating bacteria.
  • Onions have enzyme-generating molybdenum and magnesium, which keeps bones healthy.
  • Onions have good source of folate, potassium and vitamin-B6 which keeps nervous system healthy and keeps heart in good condition.
  • Onions have tryptophan an amino acid which regulates sleep disorders and gives nice appetite.
  • Onions will cure flue and other infections. Ancients keep onion slices in the socks of patient in the next morning virus or bacteria in the patient will be attracted by onions in the socks by the turning into black color. Continuation of the process will be done up to patient was relived from disease.
Juices with Onion:

  • Onion Juice + Honey cure cold, cough, allergies and sore throat. Due to presence of manganese in onion. 
  • Onion juice 1 spoon + honey 1 spoon will give relief from high blood pressure.
  • Onion leaves should be chewed after meals to reduce bad odor from mouth.
  • Onion + lemon cucumber + Tomato + Lemon +coriander leaves + salt should be grind to form a paste and consumed for cleansing digestive system and improving immunity in the body.
  • Onion + vinegar should be consumed after meals for fast digestion.
  • Onion (20g) + honey (2 spoons) +ginger (1 spoon) juice will fight against Asthma, cough and Loss of appetite. 
  • Onion juice (1 spoon) + honey (1 spoon) will reduce cough, cold and tonsils swelling.
  • Onion Paste + hot mustard oil massage will eliminate joint pains.
  • Onion paste (heated) + hot cow ghee is used to break cysts on the body.
  • Onion juice (2 drops) will stop nose bleeding if it is poured in nose.
  • Onion juice (heated) will reduce ear pain when it is poured 5 drops in ear.
  • Onion slice will reduce foot cracks when it is rubbed on surface.
  • Onion juice dipped by cotton should be kept in ear to treat tinnitus.
  • Onion slices kept under the bed act as mosquito repellent.
  • Onion + Fenugreek leaves + jaggery made with coconut will improve milk in lacting mothers.
  • Onion juice + vinegar + honey each 1 spoon consuming 7 days will eliminate stomach worms.
  • Onion pieces (small) + sugar are to be mixed and left for a night a juice will be formed as a layer that should be consumed to eliminate cough, lung diseases and bronchitis.
  • Onion juice + honey should be heated and juice should be extracted. This was used for 6months to relieve temporary impotency.
  • Onion juice (3 spoons) + ginger juice (2 spoons) + honey (2 spoons) + cow ghee (2 spoons) + Tamarind seed powder (20grams) should be used for 3 months to eliminate sexual disorders in male and female.

  • Onion pieces + sesame oil should be heat up to smoke point and applied on wounds to avoid septic of the wounds.
  • Onion pieces (boiled) + vinegar + coriander leaves + rock salt should be consumed for 20 days to cure blood bleeding Piles, indigestion and stomach worms.
  • Onions (2) + Raw Mango (2) extracted juice with salt should be consumed to eliminate sunstroke effects from body.
  • Onion juice + eucalyptus oil will eliminate poison of scorpion bite when it is applied.
  • Onion + selaginella imbricata plant juice will eliminate kidney stones.
  • Onion juice + Cardamom powder will reduce albumin(thick white serum) in urine.
  • Onion juice 2 drops daily in eyes will eliminate night blindness.
 Cautions with Onion:

  • If you want to use half slice of onion better cut the upper part, lower part have a long life.
  • Wash hands with salt or vinegar to remove odor of onions.
  • Eating a raw left over onion slice is dangerous because slice of raw onion will attract bacteria.
  • A Dog cannot digest onion. Don’t feed your pets with onions.


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