Thursday, August 1, 2013

Ash Gourd

Ash Gourd:
Ash is popularly known as winter melon or white gourd or wax gourd. In India it is used widely and known as petha.

 Nutritional Values with Ash gourd:
  • Ash gourd has got tasteless white flesh inside.
  • Ash gourd has got 96.5gms of moisture,0.4 gm of protein,0.1gms of fat,1.9gms of carbohydrates,0.8gms of fiber,10 kcal of energy,30mg of calcium,20mg of phosphorus,0.8 mg of iron,0.4mg of niacin and 1mg of vitamin-c.
  • Ash gourd benefits people from obesity by decreasing their weight by taking the fresh juice of it, as it contains moisture, high amounts of fiber, low amounts of calorie and fat.
  • Ash gourd removes acidity and maintains PH balance in body.
  • Ash gourd cures acidosis, which occurs during the time of diet control in weight losage.
  • Ash gourd is to be cooked regularly for the people suffering from diabetes.
  • Ash gourd consumed in summer reduces the heat in body.
  • Ash gourd benefits in irritations of hands and legs for some people.
  • Ash gourd mixed with honey and amla benefits people who are bleeding in urine and nose.
  • Ash gourd benefits by killing worms in stomach when mixed with honey and amla.
  • Ash gourd seeds has got a type of oil content in it.
  • Ash gourd Seeds taken with almonds increases body strength in children.
  • Ash gourd seeds deshelled mixed with milk increases muscles.
  • An ash gourd seed with coconut milk kills worms like tape worms in stomach.
  • Ash gourd recipe as curry will eliminates gallbladder stones from urine.
  • Ash gourd seeds mixed with amla reduce dandruff when applied on hair.
  • Ash gourd helps in heat reduction in body and allows free flow of urine and also used for curing motions.
  • Ash gourd seeds powder mixed with shikakai powder or soap nut powder reduces dandruff when applied on head bath.
Juices with Ash Gourd:
  • Ash gourd pulp mixed with honey helps women at the time of menopause (when suffering with body heat, urine irritation and irritation in hands and legs).
  • Ash gourd with Amla and jaggery or sugar reduces urine irritation, bleeding in nose.
  • Ash gourd juice acts as antiseptic when applied on wounds.
  • Ash gourd as sweet confections (halwa) increases body weight and digests quickly.
  • Ash gourd also acts as antidote for poison.
  • Ash gourd juice (4 spoons) cures high fever and viral diseases like smallpox.
Cautions with Ash Gourd:
  • Tender Ash gourd has got more proteins so it should be consumed less as it causes indigestion.
  • Mint leaves, cloves, dry ginger, jeera will act as antidote to cure side effects of tender Ash gourd.



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