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Chayote (Sechium edule) is a fruit but it is used in cooking as vegetable. It very low in calories(19 calories per 100grams) and very helpful in reducing cholesterol.It was know popularly with many names in different regions(merliton, christophene,El Chayote,Choko,seema vankaya, Sayote and chowchow). Mostly called as Mango squash,Vegetable pear and Alligator pear.
Nutritional Values with Chayote:
  • Chayote squash has good amount of folates(23%) which improves red blood cells and helps for women during pregnancy.
  • Chayotes are a good source of potassium(2.5%) which keeps heart beat , blood pressure in control and relives tidiness.
  • Chayotes are power pack of Vitamin-C(13%) and essential amino acids which fights against free radicals and boosts immunity system.
  • Chayote contains manganese(8%) which converts protein and fat to energy. Mix this veggie wisely with high protein items like egg for healthy benefits.
  • Chayote relives constipation and irregular bowel movement due presence of dietary fiber(4.5%-7%)
  • Chayote contains Zinc(5-7%) which controls oil secretions in the skin and prevents pimple and acne.
  • Chayote improves blood clotting, strengthens bones and prevent osteoporosis due presence of Vitamin-k(4%). Very useful for older people.
  • Chayote have vitamin-B6(4-6%) which improves memory power and performance.
  • Chayote relives muscle cramps due to presence of Magnesium(3%).
  • Chayote leaves are mild diuretic(high in alkaloid content) useful for dissolving kidney stones and treating atherosclerosis.
  • Chayote exhibits anti-inflammatory properties and is very helpful for people suffering from gout or arthritis.
  • Chayote contains copper which is essential in iron absorption and helps iodine to keep healthy thyroid metabolism.
  • Chayote was used in ancient therapy by Indonesians in dealing with diabetes, high blood pressure and hypertension.
  • Chayote tea made of peal or flesh used to reduce stomach bolting.
  • Chayote have cell-regenerative properties which make you look always young.
  • Chayotes are grated and used as bandage to stop the swelling of wounds.
  • Chayote guard against anemia, frequent cold & coughs,Insomnia due to presence of Vitamin-c and iron.
  • Chayote contains good amounts of B-complex vitamins(Thiamine(2%),Riboflavin(2%),Niacin(3%),Pantothenic acid(5%),Vitamin B6(6%),Folate(23%) which keeps the body healthy.
  • Chayote roots or tubers are used like Yams. These are used as fodder for mammals.
Cautions with Chayote:
  • Chayotes secrets a kind of liquid while peeling which gives peculiar sensation. But it does not long. For safety take precautions while peeling.
  • Due to cooling effect of Chayote, it not suitable food for people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.

Water spinach

Water spinach:
Water spinach is native leafy vegetable that was grown vastly in south east Asia. Scientific name is puma Aquatica and commonly called as water spinach, water morning glory,paani palak,ponaganti aku or river spinach. Water spinach will grow very quickly in highly moist soils and spread throughout water bodies. IN USA and Ceylon it is highly polluting the environment by blocking water passage. Tender or Younger leaves are used widely in Indian cuisines.

Nutritional Values with Water spinach:
  • Water spinach shows significant results in controlling glucose absorption and act as anti-diabetic.
  • Water spinach has flavonoids in higher amount which helps cell metabolism and growth.
  • A water Spinach exhibit diuretic which levels the electrolytes and flushes the bladder.
  • Water spinach has a huge number of antioxidants (contains 13 types) which guards from free radicals and avoids cell damage.
  • Water spinach acts as antimicrobial,anti bacterial which acts as shield from various infections.
  • Water spinach keeps stomach health by killing ulcers in the stomach.
  • Water Spinach eliminates toxic compounds and fights against cancer cells.
  • Water spinach improves brain function and gives good memory power.
  • Water Spinach decreases anxiety,insomnia and gives good sleep.
  • Water Spinach cure brain disorders which lead to epilepsy.
  • Water Spinach has good amounts of Vitamin-A (39%) which keeps eye health.
  • Water Spinach have Vitamin-C(66%) which boosts immunity system.
  • Water spinach has magnesium (20%) which lowers blood pressure.
  • Water Spinach have Folate(14%) which improves red blood cells and useful for pregnant women.
  • Water Spinach is used to create a vomit sensation for people who get poisoned.
  • Water Spinach protects the skin and act as an anti aging agent.
  • Water Spinach used to cure various skin problems such as ringworm, acne and wrinkles.
  • Water Spinach mixed with little salt applied for curing insect bites.
  • Water Spinach will improve hair growth, Texture and color. It is good for treating hair loss.
  • Water Spinach has good amounts of Vitamin-C and A which protects the heart from strokes.
  • Water Spinach is used by Ayurveda to cure jaundice and eliminates Liver problems.
  • Water Spinach will deliver 19 calories of energy which is very low and good for weight-loss.
  • Water Spinach have Iron(13%),Magnesium(20%),Manganese(8%),Phosphorus(6%),Potassium(7%),Sodium(8%),Zinc(2%),Calcium(8%) and Vitamin -B1(3%),B2(8%),B3(6%),B6(7%),B9(14%) which gives over benefits to body.
  • Water Spinach cures headache, tooth aches and relieves menstrual pain.

 Juices with Water spinach:

  • Water Spinach +Cabbage +Lemon + Black pepper juice mixture will give all benefits to the body.

Cautions with Water spinach:

  • Water Spinach is avoided to take in raw form. Studies show that It transmit the intestinal fluke parasite.
  • Water Spinach is better to consume after stir-fried.