Saturday, March 16, 2013

Bitter Gourd

Bitter Gourd:

Bitter gourd lowers the blood sugar and glucose levels in the is very low in calories. Bitter gourd can protect the body from diseases and is good for sugar patients.

Nutritional Values with Bitter Gourd:
  • Bitter Gourd juice will controls diabetics and obesity. 30ml - 40ml of bitter gourd juice is prescribed to get better results. It contains plant insulin called polypeptide-P & charantin which lowers sugar levels in the body.
  • Bitter Gourd contains Vitamin- A, B, C, iron, dietary fiber and anti-oxidants that boosts eye sight and prevents nervous weakness and skin diseases. 
  • Bitter Gourd leaves juice act as antidote for alcoholics.
  • Bitter Gourd leaves juice will eliminate burns under the foot.
  • Bitter Gourd when ripe will eliminate fevers. 
  • Bitter Gourd used in treating Gout, liver, spine diseases.
  • Bitter Gourd juice acts as an antiseptic. It can be applied on wounds and burns.
  • Bitter gourd contains carotenoids, lutein, and zea-xanthin which fight against free radicals.
  • Bitter gourd will cure HIV infection - Yet not published scientific test are in early stages.
  • Bitter Gourd juice will cure  psoriasis, ring-worm and athletes feet on regular consumption.
  • Bitter gourd will guard against certain type of cancers.
  • Bitter Gourd is used in treating measles and malaria by the ancients. 
 Cautions with Bitter Gourd:
  • Don't take Bitter Gourd juice above 30ml. Prescribed dosage is only 30-40ml.Over dosage will cause indigestion and vomits.
  • Bitter Gourd is not a medicine for diabetics it can only control the sugar levels.
  • Bitter Gourd will increase hotness in the body. 
  • Onions, Jagguery, Ghee and tamarind acts as antidote for Bitter Gourd juice. 
  • Don’t consume Bitter Gourd when blood levels are low in the body.
  • To overcome too much bitterness of bitter gourd, soak in salt water for 5-10mins before cooking.
  • Pregnant women should take doctors’ advice before adding bitter gourd in diet to avoid miscarriage.
 Juices with Bitter Gourd:
  • Bitter Gourd root + Tulasi Juice + Honey will cure asthma, bronchitis, cold and sore throat.
  • Bitter Gourd leaf juice + lemon juice + white onion juice will cure loose motions and cholera (At early stage).
  • Bitter gourd Powder (Dried along with seed) + Dry Jambul fruit powder + Dry Amla powder mixed in water should be taken on empty stomach and tends to release insulin by increasing beta cells in the body.
  • Bitter gourd Juice + Lime juice + Black Pepper Powder + Honey will prevent all types of skin diseases.
  • Bitter Gourd + Honey are the perfect tonic for obesity, indigestion and joint pains. It also kills worms in the stomach.
  • Bitter Gourd leaves + Butter milk will cure piles.


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