Sunday, January 20, 2013

Drum Stick Leaves

Drum Stick Leaves:
Drum Stick Leaves are very small and green in color. The leaves have many benefits.

Nutritional Values of Drum Stick Leaves:

  • According to ancient Ayurveda Drum Stick leaves will cure almost 300 types of diseases. It has approx. 90 nutrients and 46 antioxidants.
  • Drumstick Leaves are high in nutrition and medicinal properties.
  • Drumstick Leaves are rich in Vitamin- A, Vitamin- C, Essential Amino acids and Calcium.
  • Drumstick leaves fights with Eye, Bone, Heart, Nerves related problems.
  • Fresh Drumstick Leaves are rich in Vitamin- A 4times rich when compared to carrot. 10 times rich when drumstick Leaves are dried.
  • Drumstick Leaves protect from Diarrhea, Heart, Skin, eye related problems.
  • Fresh Drumstick Leaves are rich in Vitamin- C, 7times greater when compared with Oranges. Due to its richness it fights with cold, flu.
  • Fresh Drumstick Leaves are 4times greater than milk in its calcium value and 17times when it is dried. Due to this it makes bones and teeth very strong.
  • Fresh Drumstick Leaves are 3times greater than Banana in its potassium value and 15times when it is dried. Due to this it makes the brain and nerves to work perfectly.
  • Fresh Drumstick Leaves are 1time greater than spinach in its iron value and 25times when it is dried. Due to this it increases blood cells.
  • The same Protein value of egg will available in Drumstick Leaves. 2times greater when compared with Yogurt. 9 times when they are dried.
  • Drumstick Leaves are effective in developing body cells.
  • Drumstick Leaves Juice will help for pregnant ladies it will cure bloodlessness and calcium deficiency.
  • Place boiled Drumstick Leaves paste on Joint pains, Nerve pains, Sciatica, Boils, Headache to get immediate relief.
  • Due to its antioxidant property it aids digestion, nourishes eye& brain, improves skin texture.
  • Drumstick leaves will improve defense mechanism in the body.
  • Due to its anti-inflammatory property it boosts metabolism in the body and maintain sugar levels.
  • Drumstick Leaves have antibacterial properties useful in preventing throat, chest, and skin infections. Dry bark powder of drumstick root used for fungal skin infections.
  • Drumstick leaves, flowers, and seeds are useful in treating various sexual weaknesses.
  • Finely powdered Drumstick seeds were used to purify dirty water. Drumstick particles bind to the dirt and settling the dirt down. This process also reduces the bacteria and pollution load by 99%.
  • Drumstick seed oil is a rich source of mono unsaturated fatty acids (oleic acid) which is useful for reducing cholesterol and lowering the risk of cancer, in health benefits it is equivalent to olive oil. The oil has many uses and it does not decay and is odorless.
  • Consuming 3 grams of dry drumstick bark powder relieve seizure disorder (epilepsy).

Cautions with Drumstick leaves:
  • Try to choose fresh and unwilted leaves without any sign of discoloration or yellowing and no black spots on it.
  • Drumstick root contains alkaloid (spirochin) causes potential Neuro-paralytic toxin.
  • Don’t consume large quantities of drumstick leaves due its laxative property will cause stomach and stool disorders.
Juices with Drum Stick Leaves
  • 1 cup of Drumstick Leaf juice equal to 9 eggs, 60g of meat lover, 20g of flesh, 500g of butter.
  • 1 small cup of Drumstick Leaf juice + 2 teaspoons Lemon Juice will give potential strength to body and also it balances nutritional deficiency, anemia, cough, asthma, nerve weakness, improves smoothness of skin.
  • Drumstick Leaves Juice + Honey +coconut water will get rid of motions. To get rid of anemia takes this Juice for 15days.
  • For better bone strength and muscles take a cup of Drumstick Leaf juice and boil it up to ¼ cup juice and mix with milk and take in 2 proportions.
  • Take 2- 4 spoons of Drumstick Leaves Juice + Honey at bed time will cure eye nerves weakness.
  • Boiled Drumstick Leaves Juice + 3 spoons Cucumber juice + 3 spoons Carrot Juice + small proportion rock Salt will cure urinary tract diseases.
  • Drumstick seeds soup + little ginger and pepper have been used for treating prolonging sexual activity in men and women.
  • Boil ten drumstick flowers + a glass of cow milk for some time. After cooling remove flowers. Drink this milk by adding little amount of sugar. It will cure infertility in both male and female.


Anonymous said...

Can i know the proportions of Drumstick Leaves Juice + Honey +coconut water will get rid of motions. To get rid of anemia, that would be help full.

Vira Junam said...

1 spoon fresh drumstick juice+2 spoons honey and glass of coconut water,2-3 times a day.

Anonymous said...

is it ok to take drumstick leaves water for both kidney and high blood pressue?

Vira Junam said...

yes you can take drumstick leaves water for reducing high blood pressure and kidney pain. Take doctor's advice.

Smile K said...

Hi Vira,
1.Can you please let me know how can we use dried drumstick leaves? (possible ways please)
2.When you say do not take large quantities of drumstick leaves, how much can be taken?
3.will taking drumstick leaves daily cause any problems
4.Will eating drumstick leaves prevent pregnancy while trying to conceive?

Sashank Rajwadi said...

How do we extract drumstick Juice??

RaSa said...

Hi Smile K

Clean the fresh leaves dry it under shade in the Sunlight. Daily shuffle the leaves for avoiding fungus.After dried make it powder and store it in a container. Use 1-2 spoons in daily cooking. It is highly nutritious thing 1-2 spoons of powder is enough for daily needs for a healthy man .no problems and no side effects. Its purely natural.

RaSa said...

Hi Sashank Rajwadi,
Take fresh leaves use mixer grinder and mix them with little water and filter to extract fresh leaves juice.Its simple. Have a healthy day. Remember If u gain energy u need to utilize it, u should not store it.

Anonymous said...

When should I take fresh drumstick leaves juice with lemon juice to cure empty stomach??

Vira Junam said...

Early morning after you wake up is best time to take juice or else just stay on empty stomach for 3hours and take juice.

Sankar Roy said...

Is Durm Stick leaf is helpful to reduce Blood Pressure

Vira Junam said...

It gives complete nutritional benefits. Try it u will figure it out. Its good for all diseases.

Hephzibah Jacob said...

Any scientific study done on this??pls let me know...

Vira Junam said...

In many regions of India & Africa, Drum stick leaves widely consumed for self-medication by patients affected by diabetes, hypertension, or HIV/AIDS.You check this site US National Library of Medicine
National Institutes of Health

Anonymous said...

Can we have drumsticks leaves curry everyday? Will it cause any stomach pain if consumed daily?

Vira Junam said...

Everyday small amounts of curry is good for health.Drink more buttermilk and eat it in daytime only.

Sankar Narayan said...

hi my name is sankar i am suffering from back pain ,disk problems L 1 S1
can you please tell me how to prepare drum stick leave juice and how to prepare curry please tell me need full

Vira Junam said...

Take bunch of fresh leaves extract juice in mixer. Curry is very simple mix small amount of boiled dal,salt, turmeric and red chilli powder to leaves and fry in a pan for 3-5 mins. I don't know how it helps to your problem. By applying boiled leaf paste can suppress pains.

sameetha said...

hi i heared that drumstick leafs are used to prevent oral cancer. if so how can i prepare drumsrick leaves juice.

Anonymous said...

hai am consuming drumstick leave juice daily .
I 'll put some leaves + water and I allow it to boil . after water gets reduced I ll filter and drink ...
Is tat good to take daily ?

Ritvik said...

I take drumstick leaves by boiling it in water and then drinking the water, is it beneficial that way. I have a high sugar level and high blood pressure, is it okay if i consume leaves daily.

beekay said...

A site has suggested to take decoction of drumsticks root for 15 days to cure hernia.But these roots are toxic in nature so they are not easily available with Pasaris selling herbs.How to balance toxins of Drumstick roots so that it's decoction can be consumed to cure herniaIs.Do you suggest any other medicines/herbs for it?

Vandna Singh said...

Namaskar I am vandna suffering from lung disease and asthma and high bp.please tell me how I should be taking this leaf recipe and how many times a day. I have a tree in the park so I can get fresh leaves also. Early reply will help.

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