Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Brinjal, the king of Vegetables, is cultured everywhere in India. Brinjal is also known as EggPlant. Brinjal pickle tastes awesome. Brinjal has got many advantages and is preferred by every individual.

Nutritional Values in Brinjal:
  • Brinjal reduces the heat in the body.
  • Brinjal helps in free motion and urine passage.
  • Brinjal  (100 gm) contain 1.6 gm of protein, 6.3 gm of carbohydrates, 0.4 gm fat, 210 mg of calcium, 229 mg of Potassium, 16 mg of Magnesium, 61 mg of Phosphorous, 3 mg of Sodium, 0.17 mg of Copper, 44 mg of Sulphur, 52 mg of chlorine, 0.6 mg of Niacin, 29.1 mg of oxalic acid, 124 IU of Vitamin A, 55 micro gm of Vitamin B1, 95 micro gm of Vitamin B2, 12 mg of Vitamin C, 0.09 mg of Nicotinic Acid.
  • Brinjal creates hungry in the body.
  • Brinjal strengthens the body.
  • Brinjal leaves have got a feature of relieving body pains.
  • Brinjal that are freshly taken from the plant are helpful in piles or hemorrhoids.
  • Brinjal leaves’ juice mixed with honey helps in reducing cough, a spoon intake of it 3 times a day and also reduces mucus.
  • Brinjal mixed of masala, eating in a large quantity reduces acidity.
  • Brinjal have anthocyanins a type of phyto chemicals which fight against Cancer.
  • Brinjal fire roasted will eliminate excess phlegm from body.
  • Brinjal (Baked) + honey will give good sleep and prevents insomnia.
  • Brinjal + Tomato +Garlic +asafoetida soup aids good digestion by discharging gas in stomach.
  • Brinjal juice prevents sweat when it was applied
  • Brinjal is used as mushroom poison anti dote.
  • Brinjal decoction will reduce swelling when applied on affected parts.
  • Brinjal have dietary fiber and soluble carbohydrates which balances blood sugar levels and acts as anti-diabetic.
  • Brinjal lowers blood pressure levels and controls excess cholesterol and aids healthy heart.
  • Brinjal contains potassium which will check hydration levels in body aids healthy skin and hair.
  • Brinjal(Purple color) contains nasunin which will remove excess iron from the body.
  • Brinjal is anti-bacterial and anti-viral due to presence of Vitamin-C.
  • Brinjal have many phytonutrients which protects brain and prevents cell damage in brain .
  • Brinjal prevents atherosclerosis (A kind of Arteries disease).
  • Brinjal flushes bowel and prevents constipation due to presence of required dietary fiber.

Cautions with Brinjal:

  • People allergy to brinjal should stay apart.
  • Brinjal that are rotten creates acidity.
  • Brinjal is not suggested to the people who had gone under surgery for at-least 6 months.
  • Brinjal contains negligible amount of nicotine.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Taro is available everywhere in India. Scientific name of Taro is Colocasia.Taro is very sticky in nature and tastes very good when prepared with tamarind juice. Taro has got good nutritional values. And popularly known as Taro, Elephant-ear and edible corms. 

Nutritional Values in Taro:
  • Taro contains more starch in it.
  • Taro has got 0.4 mg of Nicotinic acid.
  • Taro contains 73.1 gm of water content, 97 gm of calories, 22gms of carbohydrates, 3 gm proteins, 1 gm of fiber, 25 mg of sodium, 464 mg of Potassium, 40 mg of Calcium, 140 mg of phosphorous, 1.7 mg of Iron, 40 IU of Vitamin A, 90 micro grams of Vitamin B1, 31 micro grams of Vitamin B2, 0.4 mg of Vitamin C, 133.4 mg of Oxalic Acid, 0.4 mg of Niacin.
  • Taro increases the quality of sperm by thickening it and also improves it.
  • Taro prevents the excess release of Mucus in Asthma Patients.
  • Taro is very useful for Piles disease.
  • Taro leaves and stems helps in preventing urinary problems, piles or hemorrhoids and indigestion problems.
  • Taro prevents sweating.
  • Taro improves the blood.
  • Taro stems and leaves stops bleeding and the juice extract when poured as drops in ear reduces the ear pain. Also, stops the pus or abscess.
  • Taro stems when mixture applied on an injury reduces it.
  • Taro stems’ juice applied in the place of scorpion bite reduces burning.
  • Taro roots have vast amounts of complex carbohydrates. Which are more when compared with potatoes. 
  • Taro root protects the liver by detoxifying it.
  • Taro root will help to overcome different allergies.
  • Taro root will reduce blood sugar levels and high blood pressure and fight against cardiac vascular diseases and prevents cancer.
  • Taro root were used as primary in popular Hawaiians dish 'POI'.
  • Taro leaf juice is used as mild laxative.
  • Taro roots are heated on fire and applied on joints to reduce rheumatic pains.
  • Taro leaves reduce mouth ulcer and Skin peeling around nose.
  • Taro leaves were used to eliminate impaired hearing and chronic diarrhea.
  • Taro leaves will protect gums in teeth and promotes healthy teeth.

Cautions with Taro:
  • Taro must be cooked before consuming because it contains Calcium oxalate which will be eliminated.
  • Peeling the root causes irritation was seen in some people.
  • Taro root contains sodium, if you want to add salt add it in low amount.
  • Taro causes indigestion when eaten in large quantity.
  • Taro leads in increasing weight.
  • Taro creates heat into the body.
  • Taro is not preferred for people suffering of sugar disease.

Sunday, June 23, 2013


Tomato is a fruit but it is mostly popular as vegetable. Tomato can be consumed in many ways like raw, cooked. we can use in salads, sauces and can drink tomato juice.

Nutritional values in Tomato:

  • Tomato will increase immunity power in the body, restricts growth of tumors and protects from breast, large intestine cancer, mouth cancer due to presence of lycopene. Every 100 grams of tomato contains 10-15 grams of lycopene. Lycopene content is more in ripe tomatoes when compared with raw.
  • Tomatoes help in decreasing high blood pressure and protect heart.
  • Tomatoes are rich in Vitamin-A, Vitamin-C, Vitamin-K, dietary fiber, folate, thiamin, niacin, vitamin-B6, potassium, phosphorus, copper,   magnesium, Calcium and high percentage of water content.  
  • Tomato+Honey will increase blood count and also avoids prostate cancer. It will cleanse the blood and avoids skin diseases, urinary tract infections.
  • Tomato kills free radicals which causes cell damage and aids good health.
  • Tomato have citric, malic and oxalic acids which prevents stomach bolts and aids easy digestion.
  • Tomato have vitamin-A which cure eye related problems like night blindness.
  • Tomato + Black Pepper powder is very useful for people suffering from liver diseases, Jaundice, constipation, indigestion, stomach bolts and very useful for ladies during pregnancy.
  • Tomato is also very useful for people suffering from T.B, joint pains and bronchitis.
  • Tomato decreases spasm and avoids congestion for people suffering from asthma. 
  • Tomato + turmeric Powder will decrease eosinophil count and fights against Eosinophilia.
  • Tomato is having Vitamin-C which increases mental alertness in growing children.
  • Tomatoes are very useful for people who like non-vegetarian meals. Its aids quick digestion and stops gas formation in stomach.
  • Tomato juice will gives good sleep. It is good for who are suffering from sleeplessness.
  • Tomato juice will increase glow in face and reduces acne and wrinkles when it is applied as face pack.
  • Tomato flowers (fried) will reduces stomach bolts and indigestion.
  • Tomatoes have good amounts of calcium which is useful for bone strength and fight against osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s.
  • Tomatoes have chromium which brings balance in blood sugar level.
  • Tomato makes hair strong and shiny due to presence of Vitamin-A.
  • Tomatoes are anti-inflammatory which reduces chronic pain such as arthritis or back pain.
  • Tomatoes are less in calories and fat and high in fiber and water so it is good for weight losers.
  • Tomato increases sperm count and fights against impotency. 
  • Tomato juice consumption in regular, prevents blood clots (thrombosis).
  • Tomato has riboflavin which acts as shield against migraine attacks.
Cautions with Tomato:

  • Tomato should not be consumed by people suffering from problems with kidney stones and gout.
  • Tomato cooked with olive oil increases absorption of phyto-chemical levels in the body including lycopene.
  • For some people we can observe allergy after consuming tomatoes (difficult in digesting).
  • Tamarind can be replaced with tomato to get sourness in the recipe.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Green Beans

Green Beans:
Green Beans are also called as French Beans are very rich in fiber and have fewer calories. Green Beans are very beneficial for diabetes.

 Nutritional values with Green Beans:
  • Green Beans contain Vitamin A and have good compounds such as carotene and help to prevent diseases.
  • Green Beans contain Vitamin b6, thiamin, and vitamin C and help the body to develop resistance from infecting agents.
  • Green Beans are rich in minerals like manganese and help to fight against premenstrual syndrome.
  • Green Beans help to eliminate the anti-ageing, wrinkles and age spots.
  • Green Beans are rich in fiber and help in curing constipation problem, reduce the bad cholesterol and regulate the sugar in the blood.
  • Green Beans reduce the heart diseases and can prevent from asthma, ear infections, cold and flu.
  • Green Beans contain mineral called silicon which supports the health for connecting tissues and bones.
  • Green beans helps for pregnant women for health development of the infant and for breastfeeding due to good iron content.
  • Green Beans reduce the glucose levels in the blood for diabetes.
  • Green Beans are good food for people who are on diet.
  • Green Beans are a rich in zinc which helps for healthy skin.
  • Green Beans can be used in salads and good eating with brown rice.
  • Green beans increase the levels of hemoglobin without adding calories due to presence of iron.
  • Green beans supports eye functions such UV light filtering due to presence of Zea-xanthin.
  • Green bean helps to control blood pressure and heart beat rate due to presence of Potassium.
  • Green beans detoxifies extra amount of sulfates in body due to presence of Molybdenum.
  • Green bean relives uneasiness and fatigue due to presence of magnesium.  
  • Green bean supports healing process and blood clotting process due to presence of vitamin-k.
  • Green beans beriberi illness by giving sufficient b-complex vitamins.
  • Green beans will cure frequent urination problem. 
  • Green bean contains calcium which protects bone health.
  • Green beans cure premature ejaculation when it is consumed regularly.
  • Green bean contains Zinc which prevents acne and aid healthy skin.
  • Green bean contains fiber which cleanse colon and avoids colon cancer.
  • Green bean helps in DNA Repairing process and gives Protection.
 Cautions with Green Beans:
  • Green Beans with tough skin should be avoided.
  • Remove the both ends of green beans while cooking.
  • While steaming the beans just add sufficient amount of water and boil so that the green beans will remain green.
  • Always select green beans without wrinkles or brown spots.