About Us

About Us

Myself, Vira Junam a health lover and a nutrition expert. I follow many health tips and got benefited of them. I have got a thought of sharing this so that some more people get benefited like me. In this thought, the result is this blog http://smartwaytohealth.blogspot.com. Instead sharing the things what I know, I am researching on some more things and posting them online to help some people benefit in good health after learning, experimenting in the day to day life. I believe in a sentence "Good Health makes a good day and good day makes a good life". Please go through the blog, query for whatever needed, post your doubts or suggestions or feedback whatever you feel. Thank you for your time on this blog. Happy Blogging...!!! 

The blog contains the posts about nutrition values, cautions and health information for people to get benefited. We encourage people following this smartwaytohealth.blogspot.com as the informatory purpose only but do not treat this as a substitute for health advice, or treatment. Please take doctor’s advice before proceeding.

The blog contains posts related to Healthy food, Fruits, Vegetables,Nuts,diseases,cure,remedy,reduce,immunity,boosts,Liver,heart,juice,seeds,cancer,hair,cautions.Personal intention is to drive awareness of vegetation and its benefits.People should know the pro's and con's related to vegetation.A well-planned diet can fulfill the needs of people of different ages.



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