Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Potatoes are cholesterol free and have many vitamins and minerals. Eating with skin will provide a rich source of fiber.

 Nutritional values with potato:
  • Potatoes are high in fiber and help in preventing constipation and protects from cancer.
  • Potatoes contain soluble fiber which helps in anti-ageing and lowers the blood pressure.
    Potatoes contain potassium and can lower the blood pressure. Potatoes contain Vitamin C and prevent cell damage and helps in absorbing iron.
  • Potatoes contain iron which helps in carrying oxygen to other parts of the body.
  • Potatoes helps in weight gain as the carbohydrates are more.
  • Potatoes are good sources for skin care and anti-ageing.
  • Potatoes help in functioning brain as it has vitamins, B complex and omega 3 fatty acids.
  • Potatoes have minimal amounts of copper, manganese, magnesium nutrients.
  • Potatoes have complex carbohydrates, body absorbs them slowly due to this stomach will be satisfied  by consuming less amount.
  • Potatoes contain kukoamines which helps lowering blood pressure.
  • Potatoes contain 60 different types of flavonoid which lower bad cholesterol and protect the heart.
  • Potatoes have good levels of dietary fiber which helps healthy bowel moment.
  • Potatoes with chickpeas(protein) will make breaking process of carbohydrates even more slowly which stomach feel's full.
  • Potatoes contain all nutrients except Vitamin-A,D. Potatoes and Milk will supply all required nutrients to body.
  • Potatoes contains resistant starch up to 7% when boiled when it is cooled it increases to 13%.
  • Potato which is found in Africa increases cell activity to eliminate toxins from the body. 
Beauty Regimen with potato:
  • Raw Potato crushed + honey mixed and applied can cure the wrinkles and blemishes.
  • Potatoes juice can be applied on face to get free from sunburns.
  • Raw potato slices has to be kept on eyes for 15 min to reduce dark circles.
Cautions with potato:
  • Potato has to be stored in a cool place because they can stay longer.
  • Never refrigerate potatoes as they develop different taste.
  • Never buy potatoes that are light in green color as they have bitter taste.
  • To prevent potato from sprouting keep them with an apple.
  • Don’t fry the potato always bake them.
  • Potato will not only help in fattening the body only oils used in frying the potato helps in fattening.
  • Don't peel the potatoes, peel contains high amounts of vitamin-c. Don’t eat chips made from potatoes and French fries that leads to unhealthy calories.
  • Its not good to use people suffering from obesity, diabetics, Uric acid, rheumatism.
  • Age increased Potatoes contains toxic substance known as glycoalkaloid which causes headaches, diarrhea. Boiling potatoes will reduce toxicity.


Carrot is a very sweet vegetable and has beta carotene. Carrots can be used in salads and can be eaten raw.

 Nutritional values with Carrot:
  • Carrot is a good source for Vitamin A at which helps in good eyesight.
  • Carrot is good source of Vitamins K and C and helps in the strength of bones, ability of blood to clot and a healthy immune system.
  • Carrots contain more potassium which improves the health of muscles and nervous system.
  • Carrots are very powerful antioxidants and help the body from cardiovascular diseases.
  • Carrots have anti-cancer benefits.
  • Carrots are good for teeth as it stimulates the gums and eliminate stickiness.
  • Regular intake of carrots can prevent the heart disease and reduces the cholesterol levels.
  • Carrot juice removes the fiber which is not indigestible.
  • Carrot juice is very good for skin and helps in anti-ageing.
  • Carrots improve the glow of skin and improve the appearance of hair and nails.
  • Carrot can enhance the breast milk quality.
  • Carrots can cure the cancers as it contains the falcarinol compound that protects from fungal diseases.
  • Carrots have beta-carotene, alpha-carotene and lutein which act as a shield for the heart.
  • Carrot is a powerful antiseptic to prevent infections.
  • Carrots are powerful alkaline veggie which balance acid ration in body and purifies the blood.
  • Carrots help in secretion of quality breast milk in lactating women.
  • Carrots help to keep regular menstrual flow.
Cautions with Carrot:
  • Carrots should not be overcooked as the carotenes are lost.
  • Don’t peel off the skin on the carrot as it contains phytonutrients.
  • Carrots should be steamed properly.
  • Carrot should not be consumed at the time of menstruation as it will increase the menstrual flow.
  • Carrot juice should be consumed with any fats such as olive oil or cream for better absorption of carotene.
  • Carrot juice one glass is enough for daily need.
  • Carrot juice saves the life of smokers especially second hand smokers.
  • Carrot is diuretic expel excess fluids in body.
Juices with Carrot:
  • Carrot + bell peppers juice will prevent from clotting blood and reduces the blood pressure.
  • Carrot + sweet potato juice is for maintaining good eyesight.
  • Carrot +cucumber (with skin) juice will removes the waste from body and kidney stones can be cured. Cucumber with skin has many beneficial vitamins and minerals.
  • Carrot + celery juice is rich in potassium, reduces cholesterol and can replace electrolytes that are lost.
  • Carrot + Beetroot juice will lower the blood pressure and stimulates red blood cells in the body and good for eyes.


Beetroot is a highly nutritious vegetable and are of many varieties. Beetroot has many antioxidant benefits. Beetroot is very much helpful and cleaning, purification and the digestive system.

Nutritional values with Beetroot:
  • Beetroot is a rich source of antioxidants, manganese, sodium, potassium and Vitamin A,B6 and C.
  • Beetroot has anti-inflammatory benefits.
  • Beetroot contains high content of Nitrate fights against dementia.
  • Beetroot stimulated the red blood cells in the Blood and gives oxygen to the body.
  • Beetroot helps in reducing the High Blood pressure.
  • Beetroot reduces the cancer if taken regularly.
  • Beetroot helps to prevent from cardiovascular problems and fights against constipation.
  • Beetroot juice is antioxidant, detoxifies the liver, and reduces the low Blood pressure.
  • Beetroot is a good source of folic acid and mostly helps in pregnant woman for the development of spinal and brain development in the infant.
  • Beetroot juice helps in cleaning the liver and protects from consuming excessive alcohol.
  • Beetroot juice will increase the thickness of hair and fights against dandruff.
  • Betanin from the beetroots are used as food colors in industries for improvising colors in sauces, desserts etc.
  • Beetroot contains silica mineral which helps in absorbing calcium.
  • Beetroot digest slow and releases sugar in to blood slowly. hence its stabilize blood sugar level.
  • Beetroot contains iron thus reduces anemia.
  • Beet leaves are used like bandage for healing wounds.
  • Beetroot contains Betacyanin which helps in fighting cancer.
  • Beetroot have zero saturated fat and trans fat.
  • Beetroot release great amount of energy and gives full stamina.
  • Beetroot contains high amount of boron and nitrates which increases blood flow and releases sex hormones. Hence it is nature Viagra.
  • Beetroot contains  betalains and tryptophan which fights with depression and relax the mind.
Cautions with Beetroot:
  • Beetroot juice should always be mixed with other vegetables as this develops stones in kidney.
  • Regulate the intake of Beetroot if already suffering from Kidney Stones.
  • Avoid combing beetroot with other vegetables which are rich in calcium (green leafy vegetables etc.).
  • Don’t tear the skin of beetroot while cooking or cutting as it helps in the health promoting pigments.
  • If beetroot stains are on your skins or hands, rub some lemon on the stain.
  • Consumption of beetroot makes the urine red in color.
  • Consuming Beetroot may cause some dizziness as the toxins are eliminated from the body.
Juices with Beetroot:
  • Beetroot + carrot will lower the blood pressure and stimulates red blood cells in the body and good for eyes.
  • Beetroot + carrot + sweet potato is strong blood purifier.


Coconut provides good nutritional benefits and is rich in fiber, vitamin and minerals. Coconut is non-toxic and good for health.

 Nutritional values with Coconut:
  • Coconut is high in vitamin A, B and C and helps to prevent nutritional deficiency.
  • Coconut contains thiamin, riboflavin and niacin.
  • Coconut is rich in minerals like iron, calcium, manganese and iodine
  • Coconut is a good source for B complex vitamins.
  • Coconut is very beneficial in flushing kidney and urinary bladder problems.
  • Coconut oil has vitamin E and improves digestion and constipation problems can be cured.
  • Coconut Oil can absorb fat, minerals and vitamins.
  • Coconut helps in weight loss as it has high metabolic rate.
  • Coconut helps in hair growth.
  • Coconut water is best to beat the summer.
  •  Coconut is a natural anti-inflammatory.
  •  Coconut milk is a natural moisturizer and can used for dry skin and dry scalp.
  •  Coconut is used in traditional medicine as it has much power to heal health problems like asthma, wounds, weakness, menstruation, skin infections etc.
  •  Coconut relives pain from hemorrhoids and stress on pancreas.
  •  Coconut helps in building immune system, strong bones and teeth due to its richness in calcium.
    Coconut supports in promoting premature aging, age spots and diseases.
  •  Coconut has natural chemical balance for young looking skin and the effects of ultra violet rays from sun.
  •  Coconut in any form act as anti viral which have capability to kill influenza, measles, herpes, hepatitis.
  •  Coconut in any form act as anti bacterial which have capability to kill throat infections, urinary tract infections and gonorrhea.
  •  Coconut in any form act as anti fungal which have capability to kill ringworm, athlete's foot and rashes.
  •  Coconut reduces stress on pancreas and improves absorption of nutrients.
  • Coconut aids proper insulin secretion and utilization of glucose.
  • Coconut prevents osteoporosis and improves absorption of healthy calcium and magnesium in body.
  • Coconut relives symptoms associated with gallbladder and stomach ulcers.
  • Coconut relives hemorrhoid pains and irritation and repairs the tissues.
  • Coconut destroys tapeworms, lice and other parasites living on human body.
  • Coconut helps in eliminating kidney stones.
  • Coconut protects the liver against diseases.
  • Coconut acts as a shield against  wrinkles, eliminates skin dryness and softens the skin. 
  • Coconut improves healthy hair and preserves color. 
  • Coconut protect hair from ultra violet rays from sun.
  • Coconut oil, milk have significant benefits for human body in aiding good health.
Cautions with Coconut:
  •  Don’t consume coconut too much as it has high calorie and can gain weight easily.
  •  Coconut oil can increase the high Blood cholesterol level.