Saturday, April 13, 2013

Ladies Finger

Lady Finger:                                                               Recipes using Lady Finger

Lady finger is inexpensive reduces excessive menstrual blood for women. It controls sugar levels in the body.

Nutritional Values with Lady Finger:
  • Lady finger contains sticky item (mucilage) acts as a replacement for plasma. This sticky content acts as a medicine for Gastric ulcer, Diarrhea and motions.
  • Lady finger is good for women for all types of diseases.
  • Lady finger is good for diabetic patients and people who are suffering from acid reflux.
  • Lady finger removes toxins from the liver and binds cholesterol.
  • Lady finger has laxative property. It retains water in the body and helps to relieve constipation.
  • Lady finger improves probiotics in the intestinal tract and keeps healthy heart due to presence of fiber. 
  • Lady finger removes ulcers and keeps the digestive tract healthy.
  • Lady finger is good for persons who are under weight loss treatment.
  • Lady finger contains essential amino acids ( tryptophan, cysteine and sulfur aminos) and proteins.
  • Lady finger is used to relieve asthma for its vitamin-c content.
  • Lady finger raises sexual feelings and gives healthy menstrual.
  • Lady finger is beneficial in preventing cancer especially colo-rectal cancer.
  • Lady finger has a vitamin -K which helps in blood clotting.
  • Lady finger prevents pimples and aids smooth skin.
  • Lady finger is a natural source of Vitamin-band Folic which is good for pregnant women.
  • Lady finger prevents lung inflammation and sore throat. 
  • Lady finger has potassium which improves nerve function.
  • Lady finger contains magnesium, manganese, calcium, iron, zinc and copper which boost immunity in the body.
  • Lady finger gives the intellectual brain. There is an Old Grand ma proverb, it says lady finger is good for students of mathematics.
Cautions with Lady Finger:
  • Lady Finger is diuretic. This gives excess urination.
  • Don't eat too much of Lady Finger it will not digest and tends to indigestion.
  • Cook in low fame or steam to get full health benefits from lady finger.
Juices with Lady Finger:
  • Lady finger + Banana + buttermilk acts against jaundice, Gonorrhea, typhoid and motions.
  • Lady finger + lemon are used for hair treatment to make hair silky.


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