Sunday, March 24, 2013

Diseases & Remedies

Indigestion – Dry ginger Powder + Jaggery, ½ Spoon before each meal.

Loose Motions – Fried Black Pepper in Ghee, 2 pieces 3times a day.

Hysteria – Smell Dry Turmeric Stick burnt with fire.

Swelling Wounds – Apply Paste of Amaranth leaves.

Kidney Stones – Drink Fresh Vasa Root Juice for 1 month.

Cold & Cough – Intake Paste of Long pepper with Honey. 

Gastritis – Garlic Juice with Hot Water. 2times a day.

Dry Cough – Gallnut or inknut Powder + Honey. 2times a day.

Mental Disorders – Ginger + Jaggery In the morning time. Triphala Churnam + Honey in the night time.

Elephantiasis – Apply Decoction of Papaya leaves.

Eye diseases – Apply Dipped white cloth in Turmeric water on the eyes.

Jaundice – Intake ½ spoon of decoction (Dry Amla + Gallnut or inknut + Myrobalan Belliric fruit+Honey)

Flem in chest – Intake Long pepper Powder with Guduchi Juice.

Stomach Ache- Black Salt (Sowarcha Lavan) + Long pepper + Gallnut or inknut with hot water twice daily.

Leprosy- Drink ½ spoon Guduchi Juice followed by Rice Starch water after 1hour and Ghee rice.

Headache – Head bath with Soapnut. Apply Eucalyptus oil on dry hair.

Leg Pains – Apply Garlic paste with salt on the legs.

Bulges – Apply Ivy gourd leaf paste with mild Limestone.

Fire Burns – Apply Slaked lime paste filtered water mixed with coconut oil.

Dry feet (wrinkles) – Apply Banyan tree milk.

Cholera – Gigantic-Swallow-Wort buds + Boiled Long pepper with borax and clove and make tablets. Intake 3 tablets a day.

Acute Paronychia – Insert lemon on finger.

Heart pain – Massage with eucalyptus oil on the heart.

Tonsils – Apply Country Fig Tree milk again and again once dried.

Fever with Shivering – Intake decoction of purple basil root.

Ringworm – Apply heated mustard oil with garlic.

Tooth Swellings – Gargle decoction of Plumeria or temple tree bark.

Ear pains – Honey +Ginger +Rock salt heated in coconut oil to be used as ear drops.

Hair fall – Mango + gooseberry juice needs to apply on hair.

Toothache - Eat black sesame seeds immediately drink cold water.

Mouth Ulcers –chew young leaves of Banyan tree and spit.

Paralysis – massage with garlic + turmeric paste.

Cold – Inhale vapors of boiled turmeric water.

Diabetic control – Take 1 spoon juice of Young tender leaves of neem in early morning.

Night blindness – Rub black pepper in curd and apply the paste under eyes.

Blood motions – Eat wood apple fruit with Jaggery.

Cough & Asthma – Intake Long pepper paste with honey twice a day.

Psoriasis – Sandalwood paste with borax apply on affected parts.

Sexual power – Honey with castor seeds to be taken before sleep.

Malaria – Intake one spoon holy basil decoction twice a day and drink buttermilk.

Typhoid – Intake Hot water +Honey +Turmeric powder followed by buttermilk and coconut water twice a day.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Ivy Gourd

Ivy Gourd:

Ivy Gourd leaves,roots and fruit are used in medicines.It reduces the blood sugar levels. There are no side effects from Ivy Gourd.

Nutritional values with Ivy Gourd:
  • Ivy Gourd is used for Swellings, Jaundice, Gonorrhea, Ulcers and Anemia.
  • Ivy Gourd will reduce body cholesterol levels.
  • Ivy Gourd contains Fiber, Protein, Vitamin-A,carbohydrates,B vitamins, vitamin C,Calcium,Iron,potassium, phosphorous, magnesium, zinc and selenium.
  • Ivy Gourd used in Ayurveda treatments to control fevers and skin related allergies.
  • Ivy Gourd is rich in antioxidants which prevents free radicals in the body.
  • Ivy Gourd will increase resistance power in body by consuming in regular.
  • Ivy Gourd will act as a shield against scabies, leprosy and psoriasis.
  • Ivy Gourd flowers are used to cure jaundice.
  • Ivy gourd helps the liver to function properly and effectively purifies blood and increases digestion.
  • Ivy Gourd eliminates Urinary disorders.
  • Ivy Gourd fruits will cure sore tongue ,skin itches, Skin Inflammations.
  • Ivy Gourd roots are used in treating joint pains, mouth ulcers.
  • Ivy gourd roots used to cure rattling sounds from the chest and eliminate mucous in the respiratory tract.
  • Ivy gourd whole plant is Anti-inflammatory, Antipyretic,Anti-ulcer,Antimicrobial,Anti-fungal ,Anti-stress,Anti diabetic.
  • Bitter Ivy Gourd root (3-5 grams) used to control diabetes.
  • Ivy gourd Leaf paste is applied on the body to bring sweat and cure fever by lowering body temperature.
  • Ivy Gourd Leaves soaked in oil applied for treating different skin disorders.
  • Ivy Gourd lowers blood sugar levels in body useful for diabetic people.
Cautions with Ivy Gourd:
  • Don't Consume huge amounts of Ivy Gourd it leads Stomach bulges and constipation.
  • There is a popular myth in India that ivy gourd kills intelligence in children.
  • Don't consume Ivy Gourd at the time of pregnancy.
  • Don’t consume ivy gourd before any surgery as it interferes with the blood sugar .
Juices with Ivy Gourd:
  • Ivy Gourd leaf juice will cure asthma and cough.
  • Ivy Gourd leaf juice will fight against sinus, respiratory tract infections and gastrointestinal problems.

Bottle Gourd

Bottle Gourd:

Bottle Gourd is one of the vegetable and many benefits and especially good for old aged people. This has great impact for the treatment of High Bp and heart disease.

Nutritional Values with Bottle Gourd:
  • Bottle Gourd will give coolness to the body.
  • Bottle Gourd improves sperm count and strengthens the heart. 
  • Bottle gourd used to cure various sexual disorders.
  • Bottle Gourd relives constipation and is very useful for people suffering from piles.
  • Bottle Gourd Juice is used in treating mental illness or madness, hysteria and other nervous disorders. 
  • Bottle Gourd Juice is used to neutralize acids, ulcers in the stomach and indigestion.
  • Bottle Gourd is used to cure jaundice and obesity. 
  • Bottle Gourd serves as best summer food and relives from fatigue.
  • Bottle Gourd helps the liver to work properly. 
  • Bottle Gourd juice stops early graying of hair.
  • Bottle Gourd is rich in thiamin, vitamin C, zinc, iron, fiber, Protein and magnesium.
  • Bottle Gourd cures tuberculosis by improving body immunity. 
  • Bottle Gourd is used to reduce Blood Pressure and heart diseases. 
  • Bottle Gourd serves as an antidote for poison.
  • Bottle Gourd cures Asthma, Cough and Bronchitis.
  • Bottle Gourd fights against tooth decay, inflammation of kidney and eliminates kidney stones.
  • Bottle Gourd Juice is best for women in pregnancy due to its Iron content and Vitamin-C.
Cautions with Bottle Gourd:
  • Always use fresh, Tender and small bottle gourd for cooking. 
  • Taste the Bottle Gourd before cooking; it might be bitter in taste.
  • Avoid using Bitter bottle Gourds as it contains compounds which are poisonous to health. 
  • Bottle Gourd is diuretic. Don't consume in huge quantities.
Juices with Bottle Gourd: 
  • Bottle Gourd Juice + salt will eliminate dehydration due to high amounts of water in it.
  • Bottle Gourd Juice + Sesame Oil is applied on scalp to cure insomnia.
  • Bottle Gourd + Lime Juice will fight against urinary disorders like burning sensation while passing urine.