Monday, December 23, 2013


Jackfruit is the national fruit of Bangladesh country. In the forest area of Srikakulam district(Andhra Pradesh state, India), jackfruit is naturally grow rigorously. Vietnam and Thailand are the highest producers of Jackfruit in the world. Canned jackfruits are exported to world from these countries. A jackfruit contains 100-500 arils inside. Jackfruit chips which are fried in coconut oil and salted with added turmeric is famous in the state of Kerala. Jackfruit and Durian are looks similar but varies in taste.Jackfruit is sweet where as Durian is bitter.

Nutritional values with Jackfruit:
  • Jackfruit is high saturated fat and cholesterol. Jackfruit delivers 95 calories per 100 grams. 
  • Jackfruit contains Vitamin A (1%), beta-carotene(1%),Thiamine (vit. B1)  (9%),Riboflavin (vit. B2) (5%),Niacin (vit. B3)(6%)
  • Pantothenic acid (B5)(5%),Vitamin B6(25%),Folate (vit. B9)(6%),Vitamin C(17%),Vitamin E(2%),Calcium(2%),Iron(2%),
  • Magnesium(8%),Manganese(2%),Phosphorus(3%),Potassium(10%),Zinc(1%).
  • Jackfruit seeds are rich in Vitamin B1, B2, starch and little amounts of Iron,Calcium.
  • Jackfruit contains sticky substance called mucilage around arils (inside pieces). Due to this people apply oil on hands and knife.
  • Jackfruit skin is used to make dolls as it is rough,hard and sharp.
  • Jackfruit eliminates constipation.
  • Jackfruit seeds are rich in fiber. People eat fried or boiled jackfruit seeds.
  • Jackfruit is rich in potassium guard against blood pressure.
  • Jackfruit root is used to cure fever and diarrhea.
  • Jackfruit fights against  hypertension and  cancer due to presence of phyto-nutrients.
  • Jackfruit root juice which is boilt will cure asthma and various skin diseases.
  • Jackfruit is rich antioxidants and contains anti ulcer,anti aging compounds.
  • Jackfruit improves body immunity by eliminating free radicals and protects tooth due to presence of Vitamin-C.
  • Juckfruit(ripe) is mixed with jaggery for preparing sugary syrup jackfruit jam for long period usage.
  • Jackfruit pulp is made into paste and dried to make chew-able candy.
  • Jackfruit wood is used to make musical instruments.
  • Jackfruit contains vitamin-A which improves vision functionality.
  • Jackfruit contains simple sugars which gives instant energy.
  • Jackfruit contains dietary fats which removes toxins and prevents colon cancer.
  • Jackfruit have calcium which improves bone health and prevents osteoporosis.
  • Jackfruit contains iron which improves blood and removes anemia.
  • Jackfruit have magnesium which helps in better absorption of calcium.
  • Canned jackfruit is called vegetable meat.
  • Jackfruit contains small amounts of copper which maintains healthy thyroid.
  • Jackfruit seed paste + Milk will cure wrinkles on skin when applied on face.
  • Jackfruit seeds promotes hair growth by maintaining healthy blood circulation.
  • Jackfruit leaves improves glucose tolerance in diabetic patents.

Cautions with Jackfruit:
  • Some people are hypersensitivity to jackfruit which create allergic reaction.
  • Jackfruit is not recommended for diabetic patients and pregnant ladies.
  • Jackfruit is believed to weaken sexual vigor in men.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Oranges are categorized in to sweet orange and sour orange. Oranges contains high amounts of Vitamin-C. Doctors always prescribe orange juice for patients for quick recovery. Oranges are also good in Vitamin-P (Potassium). Nagpur in India is famous for Oranges. A variety called Mandarin or loose jacketed orange is cultivated in Nagpur. November to February is the season for oranges. Brazil is highest in producing oranges. India was third in orange production after America. Oranges were given as Christmas gifts in England. Orange verity called blood orange has more antioxidants when compared to normal verities. Blood oranges are in thick blood color inside. Bitter verity in blood oranges which is known as Moro (deep blood orange) has highest percentage of anti-oxidants. Tarocco oranges are called as half blood oranges with more sweet taste. Sanguinello oranges are called full blood oranges. Satsuma oranges from china are small and sweet and can be easily peeled.

Nutritional values with Orange:
  • Orange increase hunger.
  • Oranges will clean the blood, eliminate unwanted gases in liver and stop bad odor in mouth.
  • Oranges will eliminate thirst, gives cooling effect to body.
  • Oranges will keep levels of water in body at the time diarrhea.
  • Orange peel powder + Cardamom powder + Honey will cure vomit sensation.
  • Oranges will clean worms in stomach, fight against - fever, vomiting and tasteless sensation in mouth.
  • Oranges play important role in curing arthritis.
  • Oranges will clean blood vessels by eliminating fat and protects heart.
  • Oranges have good amounts of folic-acid.
  • Oranges have potassium which gives energy to muscles and controls blood pressure.
  • Oranges contain calcium which strengthens bones.
  • Oranges contain magnesium which responsible for biochemical reactions in the body.
  • Oranges have phyto-chemicals which improve oxygen levels in blood and improve immunity power.
  • Oranges have white fiber content (inner white pulp) inside the peel which contains pectin. Pectin will decrease cholesterol levels in the body.
  • Orange will fight against free radical attack.
  • Orange contains a compound called limonin which fights against cancer cells.
  • Oranges will relieve constipation by stimulating essential digestive juices.
  • Orange peel contains pinene which acts as insecticide. Rub the peel on skin no mosquito will bite.
  • Orange peel in vinegar can be used for floor cleaning.
  • Orange peel can enhance glow of skin when it is rubbed on face.
  • Orange peel +Cloves + Cinnamon in hot water give fragrance to living room.
  • Orange - eating whole fruit is good for health compared to orange juice.
  • Orange contains Vitamin A equiv. (1%), Thiamine (vit. B1) (8%), Riboflavin (vit. B2) (3%), Niacin (vit. B3) (2%), Pantothenic acid (B5) (5%), Vitamin B6 (5%), Folate (vit. B9) (8%),Choline (2%),Vitamin C(64%),Vitamin E (1%),Calcium(4%),Iron(1%),Magnesium(3%),Manganese(1%),Phosphorus(2%),Potassium(4%),Zinc(1%).
  • Orange zest can be used for decorating food items and gives additional health benefits and added flavor.
Cautions with Orange:
  • High amounts of vitamin-C eliminate iron content in the body. Consume 1-2 oranges per day.
  • People suffering from Kidney stones shouldn't consume oranges. Oranges have oxalic acid.
  • Wash thoroughly before consuming. Now a day’s heavy use pesticides on oranges lead to side effects.
  • Don't add sugar in orange juice. Sugar will prevent absorbing vitamin-C and suppress immunity system.

Sunday, December 15, 2013


Banana and coconut play important role in Hindu traditional offerings to God.Banana trees are decorated in many Hindu marriages at entrance. In Thailand and Malaysia, people tie a thread around tree because they believe ghosts and spirits resides in the tree.

Nutritional values with Banana:

  • Banana reduces high blood pressure and maintains normal heart function due to presence of potassium.
  • Banana is good for atherosclerosis and keeps heart healthy.
  • Banana promotes bone health and eradicates calcium loss due to heavy salts in diet.
  • Banana + Milk will protect stomach from ulcers and keeps healthy stomach lining.
  • Banana eliminates constipation due to presence of pectin(a soluble fiber).
  • Banana quickly replaces electrolytes in body.
  • Banana counter acts against age-related muscular degeneration.
  • Banana increases friendly probiotics in colon and decreases the risk of colon cancer.
  • Bananas are rich in high amounts of antioxidant phenolic compounds which detox the body and protecting kidney health.
  • Banana leaf will eliminate cold,cough, Tuberculosis,Asthma and increases hunger,reduces food poison and gives strength to sperm when we use it instead of plate.
  • Banana (well ripened) + Ghee(50 grams) 3 times a day will control excess menstrual bleeding.
  • Banana (well ripened) will reduce wounds occurred due to fire accidents  when it is used as an ointment.
  • Banana will cure burns while passing urine.
  • Banana root juice (3 spoons) + water(1 spoon) will reduce excessive heat in body.
  • Banana +Amla juice+Honey +Rock Candy will reduce white discharge in women and cures anemia.
  • Banana tree juice + turmeric can cure Vitiligo when applied as a paste.
  • Banana Tree ash(2 grams) + water(1 cup) will cure all types stomach pains.
  • Banana root ash + honey act as remedy for acidity.
  • Banana + Cow urine can cure Asthma.
  • Banana (raw) powder 3-5 grams +  water can act as remedy for vaginal displacement in women.
  • Banana + Black pepper powder can cure cough.
  • Banana root when tied to stomach of pregnant lady will make delivery process easy.
  • Banana(raw) dried and powdered + Ghee will cure eye diseases,piles, can cause free motion and also cure many diseases.
  • Banana + Milk will cure indigestion and constipation.
  • Banana paste can cure foot cracks when applied.
  • Banana +Almonds + Coconut +Jaggery will remove vitamin deficiency and cures anemia.
  • Banana peel can remove warts on skin.Gently rub on the affected area.
  • Banana keeps skin healthy due to rich antioxidants with potassium content.
  • Banana +skimmed milkshake will helps in reducing weight.
  • Banana peel powder is used to remove heavy metals in water.
  • Banana contains Thiamine(vit. B1)(3%),Riboflavin (vit. B2)(6%),Niacin (vit. B3)(4%),Pantothenic acid (B5)(7%),Vitamin B6 (31%),Folate (vit. B9)(5%),Choline(2%),VitaminC(10%),Iron(2%),Magnesium(8%),Manganese(13%),Phosphorus(3%),Potassium(8%),Zinc(2%) and minute amounts of Fluoride.

Cautions with Banana:

  • Always prefer to eat ripe banana.Ripe banana doesn't have any side effects.
  • Some people suffer with banana allergy which cause skin irritation and diarrhea.
  • Banana which is ripen naturally will have yellowish color with small black spots. If a yellow banana doesn't contain black spots it was ripen in a unnatural way using  calcium carbide.It was dangerous to health and leads to cancer.


Wednesday, December 4, 2013



Papaya fruit first discovered by Christopher Columbus and he called the fruit as the fruit of the angels. Papaya introduced to world from Mexico. Papaw and pawpaw are other names for papaya.

Nutritional values with Papaya:

  • Papaya (unripe) + Sesame seed powder used for increasing milk in lactating mothers.
  • Papaya (unripe and boiled) paste used as ointment for curing testicle swelling.
  • Papaya flowers paste used as ointment for curing lice bite.
  • Papaya (unripe) curry will cure oedema.
  • Papaya (fully riped) will cure liver and spleen diseases when taken at night (3hrs after meals).
  • Papaya Leaves boiled in Castor oil used as bandage will give relief from pains and swellings.
  • Papaya milk + Ghee or coconut oil applied on skin will cure ringworm and scabies. 
  • Papaya leaves + Turmeric powder will cure filaria when applied on affected area.
  • Papaya will protect eyes because it contains good amounts of beta-carotene (3%) and vitamin-A (6%).
  • Papaya contains good amounts of vitamin-C (75%) which boosts immunity system and protects tooth.
  • Papaya fights against mouth sores. It contains Riboflavin (2%).
  • Papaya cures constipation, helps digestion, reduces cholesterol levels, purifies blood, and acts as anti- aging agent, controls acids in stomach.
  • Papaya fights against tuberculosis. This good fruit for people suffering from T.B. 
  • Papaya have enzyme called papain, which has ability to digest meat in quick time.
  • Papaya pieces are used tenderizing meat while cooking non-vegetarian dishes.
  • Papaya (dried) powder +salt when taken will increases skin texture.
  • Papaya seed powder + dry ginger + salt will cure all types of stomach disturbances and prevents loose motions (diarrhea).
  • Papaya seeds have anti-inflammatory properties it is used to cure stomach pains and fungal infections.
  • Papaya leaf tea used as ancient medicine to cure malaria but scientifically not authorized.
  • Papaya leaves contain Papin and Chymopapin enzymes which help revive platelet count and increase white blood cells to cure dengue fever. Take 2 table spoons of only leaf juice (without stem) per day.
  • Papaya (unripe) curry will cure piles.
  • Papaya leaf powder in boiled water will cure high fevers and reduce heart pain.
  • Papaya is very good for B.P, heart and diabetic patients.
  • Papaya root paste will cure kidney stones in 21 days.  
  • Papaya pulp can be used as face mask to improve color of skin.
  • Papaya + cucumber pulp when applied as face mask will give glow to skin.
  • Papaya seeds are anti-amoebic and anti-helminthic. Papaya Seeds can kill worms and parasites in stomach.
  • Papaya contains Vitamin-A (6%), lutein and zeaxanthin 89 μg, Thiamine (vit. B1) (2%), Riboflavin (vit. B2) (2%), Niacin (vit. B3) (2%), Pantothenic acid (B5) (4%), Vitamin B6 (3%), Folate (vit. B9)(10%),Vitamin C(75%),Vitamin E(2%),Vitamin K (2%),Calcium(2%),Iron(2%),Magnesium(6%),Manganese(2%),Phosphorus(1%),Potassium(4%),Sodium(1%),Zinc(1%),Lycopene-1828 µg.

Juices with Papaya:

  • Papaya milk + sugar cane juice will cure jaundice.
  • Papaya milk + honey will eliminate worms in stomach.
  • Papaya + cow milk will acts as wonderful tonic for people suffering from liver diseases. 
  • Papaya + Lemon + salt will give all round health benefits for body.

 Cautions with Papaya:

  • Papaya was used in ancient times for abortion. In England it is very popular for abortion. 
  • Don't consume large amounts of Papaya.
  • Papaya seeds have toxic substance called carpine which affects central nervous system. 
  • Papaya (unripe), papaya leaves also contain small amounts toxic substance called carpine.