Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Oranges are categorized in to sweet orange and sour orange. Oranges contains high amounts of Vitamin-C. Doctors always prescribe orange juice for patients for quick recovery. Oranges are also good in Vitamin-P (Potassium). Nagpur in India is famous for Oranges. A variety called Mandarin or loose jacketed orange is cultivated in Nagpur. November to February is the season for oranges. Brazil is highest in producing oranges. India was third in orange production after America. Oranges were given as Christmas gifts in England. Orange verity called blood orange has more antioxidants when compared to normal verities. Blood oranges are in thick blood color inside. Bitter verity in blood oranges which is known as Moro (deep blood orange) has highest percentage of anti-oxidants. Tarocco oranges are called as half blood oranges with more sweet taste. Sanguinello oranges are called full blood oranges. Satsuma oranges from china are small and sweet and can be easily peeled.

Nutritional values with Orange:
  • Orange increase hunger.
  • Oranges will clean the blood, eliminate unwanted gases in liver and stop bad odor in mouth.
  • Oranges will eliminate thirst, gives cooling effect to body.
  • Oranges will keep levels of water in body at the time diarrhea.
  • Orange peel powder + Cardamom powder + Honey will cure vomit sensation.
  • Oranges will clean worms in stomach, fight against - fever, vomiting and tasteless sensation in mouth.
  • Oranges play important role in curing arthritis.
  • Oranges will clean blood vessels by eliminating fat and protects heart.
  • Oranges have good amounts of folic-acid.
  • Oranges have potassium which gives energy to muscles and controls blood pressure.
  • Oranges contain calcium which strengthens bones.
  • Oranges contain magnesium which responsible for biochemical reactions in the body.
  • Oranges have phyto-chemicals which improve oxygen levels in blood and improve immunity power.
  • Oranges have white fiber content (inner white pulp) inside the peel which contains pectin. Pectin will decrease cholesterol levels in the body.
  • Orange will fight against free radical attack.
  • Orange contains a compound called limonin which fights against cancer cells.
  • Oranges will relieve constipation by stimulating essential digestive juices.
  • Orange peel contains pinene which acts as insecticide. Rub the peel on skin no mosquito will bite.
  • Orange peel in vinegar can be used for floor cleaning.
  • Orange peel can enhance glow of skin when it is rubbed on face.
  • Orange peel +Cloves + Cinnamon in hot water give fragrance to living room.
  • Orange - eating whole fruit is good for health compared to orange juice.
  • Orange contains Vitamin A equiv. (1%), Thiamine (vit. B1) (8%), Riboflavin (vit. B2) (3%), Niacin (vit. B3) (2%), Pantothenic acid (B5) (5%), Vitamin B6 (5%), Folate (vit. B9) (8%),Choline (2%),Vitamin C(64%),Vitamin E (1%),Calcium(4%),Iron(1%),Magnesium(3%),Manganese(1%),Phosphorus(2%),Potassium(4%),Zinc(1%).
  • Orange zest can be used for decorating food items and gives additional health benefits and added flavor.
Cautions with Orange:
  • High amounts of vitamin-C eliminate iron content in the body. Consume 1-2 oranges per day.
  • People suffering from Kidney stones shouldn't consume oranges. Oranges have oxalic acid.
  • Wash thoroughly before consuming. Now a day’s heavy use pesticides on oranges lead to side effects.
  • Don't add sugar in orange juice. Sugar will prevent absorbing vitamin-C and suppress immunity system.


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