Friday, January 31, 2014

Herbal Tea - The blood purifier

Herbal Tea - The blood purifier:
There several verities of Tea, Coffee and health drinks are available in the market. They give better taste but nobody knows how they keep better health. In market these drinks are selling in high price and people are drinking with so much interest. But the result was unknown. So many people are facing infections such as cold, cough, digestion problems, motions and vomits with poor immunity system in the body. It’s not a complaint or disgrace about the health drinks in market which have tremendous followers. It’s only an alternate. When a health drink have a capacity to purify the blood by removing unwanted substance from blood and improving digestion people always gain immunity to defend infections which are caused by pollution, climatic changes. A homemade herbal tea which is illustrated in Ayurveda is simple and effective in purifying blood and eases the digestion process.
  • Dried Mint leaves - 10%
  • Indian Madder root - 2.5%
  • Dried Pomegranate leaves - 5%
  • Black pepper - 0.5% 
Collect Mint leaves and pomegranate leaves wash them thoroughly, dry them under sun.  Buy dry Indian madder roots and black pepper in any Ayurvedic pharmacy. In India they are available in every where without any difficulty. Cut them into fine pieces and mix all ingredients and make them like a tea powder using mixer grinder.Tea powder is ready to serve. People can consume this health drink in place of Tea or Coffee or any health drink and can take 2 or 3 times a day.
  • Mint leaves aids digestion, stops bad breath, makes blood flow in a uniform way and a good cleanser.
  • Indian Madder have many names in usage.Rubia cordifolia is the botanical name, 'Manjistha' or Common Madder are other names. Indian madder have capacity to remove excess heat and used widely in Ayurveda to treat blood disorders. It is a powerful blood purifier, regulates blood pressure, fights against skin diseases, act as anti diarrhoeal and good digestant.
  • Pomegranate leaves aids digestion, appetite suppressant, aids weight loss and used to control certain infections. It is powerful tonic for stomach upsets and antibacterial for minor infections.
  • Black pepper improves digestion and keeps intestinal health by improving taste buds in mouth and increasing secretion of sufficient hydro-choric acid in stomach. It is good in preventing intestinal gas. Its diaphoretic and diuretic properties keep good health. It has impressive antioxidant and antibacterial effects which aids immunity system. 
    • Avoid leaves which have yellow and black spots on them.
    • People suffering from severe health problems need to take doctor suggestion before consumption.

    Thursday, January 23, 2014

    Body Resistance Booster

    Body Resistance Booster:

    Body resistance is defined as ability to resist disease caused by infections,bacteria,virus or toxins. Anti-Bodies play a vital role to fight against disease and protect entire health to function normally. 

    Natural immune booster can be obtained from 

    • Tree ripen fruits such as pomegranate,mango,pineapple,papaya,oranges and lemons 
    • Leafy greens such as spinach,mustard greens,drumstick leaves, swiss-chard and amaranth leaves.
    • Whole gains such as quinoa, barley, brown rice and wheat.
    • Vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower.
    But chemicals used in ripen process, boiling and frying the food for the taste makes the food to loose the nutrients tends to change in nature of food and creating disturbances in the body.

    Nutrients loss occur in different cooking procedures

    In Boiling procedure we loose 25% - 60%
    steaming 10% - 25%
    roasting 10-50%
    pressure cooking 10% -30% .

    This makes 
    body defense mechanism weak and giving stair way to organisms enter into body causing sickness. But we cannot eat raw food like animals. In this case without loosing the taste and maintain full resistance of body need to intake 1 spoon of below prescribed health mix as first chunk into your mouth.

    There is a Ayurvedic formula which is very popular in Asian countries.The ingredients are listed below.

    • Turmeric powder - 6%
    • Cumin seeds powder - 3%
    • Coriander seeds powder - 3%
    • Fennel seeds powder - 3%
    • Dry ginger powder - 1%
    • Black pepper powder - 1%
    • Cinnamon powder - 1%
    Mix the spices together and store in air tight container. Daily take one spoon of mixture add some ghee and keep in slight medium heat. Heat the mixture with ghee until it release slight aroma. immediately take off from the heat mix with the food items which you eat(like Rice,Veggies or any other items). 

    How it works:

    • Turmeric contains an active compound called as 'Curcumin' which exhibits Anti-Viral,Anti-Bacterial,Anti-tumor,Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Oxidant properties.
    • Cumin seeds contains an active compound called as 'Cuminaldehyde' which exhibits Anti-Fungal,Anti-Microbial and Anti-Oxidant properties.It also aids digestion,improves vision and gives strength to the body.
    • Coriander seeds contains active phenolic compounds and essential volatile oils which exhibits Anti-Diabetic,Anti-Inflammatory,Anti-Bacterial,Antibiotic properties and plays important role in preventing food poison.
    • Fennel seeds contains unique combination of phytonutrients. The active compound called as 'anethole' exhibits Anti-Cancer,Anti-Inflammatory,Anti-Microbial,Anti-Oxidant,Anti-Hypertensive and Anti-Flatulent properties.
    • Ginger contains an distant compound called  as 'gingerols' which exhibits Anti-Mutagenic,Anti-Pyretic,Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Microbial and Anti-Flatulent properties.
    • Black pepper contains an active compound called as 'piperine' which exhibits Anti-Oxidant,Anti-Carcinogenic, Anti-Microbial,carminitive and Anti-Bacterial properties.
    • Cinnamon contains an active compound called as 'Eugenol' which exhibits Anti-viral, Anti-Melanoma, Anti-Microbial,Anti-Oxidant,Anti-Clotting,Anti-Inflammatory,Anti-Microbial and Anti-Diabetic properties.
    Eat a spoon daily and live healthy.Take doctors advice if you are suffering from any illness before adopting above procedure.

    Not only the above there are so many alternatives which keeps your body immune.

    • Curd contains pro-biotics which stimulates white blood cells.
    • Oats and Barley contains fiber which posses anti-microbial and anti-oxidant capabilities.
    • Green tea or Black tea contains L-theanine,amino acid which acts as immune boost.

    Sunday, January 19, 2014



    Lemon is a citrus fruit with sour and tangy taste.China,Mexico and India are the top producers of lemon in the world.Lemon juice,Nimbu pani,lemon shikanji,lemon sharbat are famous lemonades in summer to quench the thirst.Sir Edmond Hillary(first man who climbed Mount Everest) praised lemon. When ever he feel insufficient oxygen to breathe while climbing hills, he smells lemon. Meyer lemon is cross-breed between lemon and orange, which is popular in China and called indoor lemon or dwarf lemon.


    Nutritional value with Lemon:
    • Lemon can cure Scurvy disease due to presence of Vitamin-C.
    • Lemon contains a very high amount of anti-oxidants and anti-cancer agents.
    • Lemon have vitamin -A which protects eyes and skin.
    • Lemon controls heart rate and blood pressure due to presence of potassium.
    • Lemon strengthens blood vessels, controls blood pressure and prevents hemorrhage.
    • Lemon exhibits diuretic property and protects kidneys and bladder.
    • Lemon juice eliminates indigestion, gout,rheumatism,cholera cures heart burns and keeps liver healthy when taken with mild hot water.
    • Lemon eliminates diarrhea and constipation.
    • Lemon peel(dried) powder when applied on head cures headache.
    • Lemon juice eliminate kidney stones and toxins from body.
    • Lemon juice applied on face will cure pimples.
    • Lemon juice is used as skin bleach.
    • Lemon zust or Lemon rind can be used to garnish the dish which helps in digestion.
    • Lemon juice + black pepper + clove used to eliminate gas in stomach.
    • Lemon juice + jaggery cures jaundice.
    • Lemon peel + rock salt+ black pepper increases immunity in the body.
    • Lemon juice extracted from 10 lemons mixed with candy sugar acts as antidote for poison and hangover caused by smoking cannabis sativa.
    • Lemon filtered extract made using boilt lemons and kept overnight will relieve suffering from malaria fever.
    • Lemon piece sucking in mouth can eliminate dryness of mouth during fever.
    • Lemon ash obtained by burning skin of lemon mixed with honey stops vomiting.
    • Lemon juice + castor oil will cure gum type motions.
    • Lemon juice + honey will cure sleeplessness and obesity.
    • Lemon skin + salt boiled with water can used for bathing to relieve body pains.
    • Lemon juice boiled in coconut oil when applied on hair will cure dandruff,lies and improves hair color by giving strength to hair.
    • Lemon skin when rubbed on tongue will eliminate tastelessness.
    • Lemon juice + rock candy + water will cure itching and urticaria.
    • Lemon juice + honey + salt mixed with slightly boiled water can cure severe cough.
    • Lemon juice + fresh cheese(paneer) removes bad odor in mouth and cure lip cracks.
    • Lemon juice with tea will cure asthma.
    • Lemon juice + salt when applied on affected area act as antidote for scorpion bite.
    • Lemon juice extracted from lemon skin when applied on body parts will cure all types of pains.
    • Lemon skin mixed with salt slightly heated and extracted juice used as ear drops to cure ear ache.
    • Lemon juice can used as nose drops to stop bleeding from nose.
    • Lemon juice + onion juice when taken at early morning on empty stomach can cure enlargement of spleen.
    • Lemon juice(4drops) when given to babies will not vomit milk.
    • Lemon seed paste obtained by rubbing seeds in water can be applied on navel which cures absence of urination in children and it acts as antidote for snake bite .
    • Lemon juice and salt mixed in mild hot water can cure motions.
    • Lemon leaves + salt + turmeric paste when applied on body will eliminate itching,scabies and other skin diseases.
    • Lemon is used to cure  paronychia. A hole need to made to lemon and slightly filled with salt and turmeric and finger need to be kept on that hole of lemon.
    • Lemon juice +holy basil juice when applied cures all types of skin diseases.
    • Lemon + garlic juice need to drink to cure joint pains.
    • Lemon juice rubbed on elbow and wash with hot water to remove blackness of elbow skin .
    • Lemon juice + olive oil +glycerin when applied cure dry skin in winter.
    • Lemon juice have phosphorous which helpful in digesting non-vegetarian items.
    • Lemon + pineapple + brown sugar juice will eliminate cough.
    • Lemon juice + distilled water used as eye drops to cure cataracts.
    • Lemon with strawberry powder used to clean tooth.
    • Lemon has Thiamine (vit. B1)(3%),Riboflavin (vit. B2)(2%),Niacin (vit. B3)(1%),Pantothenic acid (B5)(4%),Vitamin B6 (6%),
    • Folate (vit. B9)(3%),Choline(1%),Vitamin C(64%),Calcium(3%),Iron(5%),Magnesium(2%),Manganese(1%),Phosphorus (2%),
    • Potassium(3%),Zinc(1%).
    • Lemon oil is used in aroma therapy to enhance the mood.
    • Lemon dipped in salt used as vessel cleaning agent.
    • Lemon pickle is famous in south India.
    Cautions with Lemon:
    • Lemon juice need intake with water because it is dehydrator.
    • Lemon juice increases photo-sensitivity of skin when applied. Don't expose to sun it leads to sunburns.
    • Lemons are acidic in nature so, drink the juice using straw to protect tooth enamel.
    • Lemon juice lose its benefits when mixed with sugar.
    • Lemon juice concentrated, Carbonated lemon juice will show negative effects on health.
    • Lemon juice shouldn't be consumed by people suffering from sensitive tooth and stomach ulcers.
    • Lemon juice cannot be consumed more than 2 glasses a day.

    Wednesday, January 15, 2014



    Mango is the national fruit of India and Philippines. Mango tree is the national tree of Bangladesh. India and China are the top producers of mangoes. Decorating house entrances with Mango leaves is one of the tradition in South Asian countries. Mughal emperor Akbar planted 1,00,000 mango trees in his rule.Alphonso and Banganapalli are the top mango varieties cultivating from past. Mango was called as King of fruits.over 1,000 different mango varieties are cultivated in the world.

    Nutritional value with Mango:
    • Mango fruit lowers the bad cholesterol due to presence of Vitamin-C,Pectin and fiber content.
    • Mango controls heart beat by lowering high blood pressure due to presence of potassium.
    • Mango contains compounds called polyphenols which protects from colon, chest, leukemia,prostate cancers and boosts immune system.
    • Mangoes have Vitamin-B6 which gives relaxing effect to nervous.
    • Mango have copper, manganese and zinc which are helpful in blood production in the body.
    • Mango leaves boiled in water and soaked in water left for a night and drinking filtered water controls insulin levels in the blood.
    • Mangoes gives improved sex drive and virility in men. Hence it is called as 'Love fruit' due to improved qualities of stimulating sexual desire.
    • Mango improves eye sight due to presence of Vitamin-A.
    • Mango flowers 10grams should be fried using cow ghee and mixed with 1gram of edible camphor, sufficient honey will acts against diarrhea.
    • Mango flowers mixed with one cup of water and boil until it reduces to half cup of water. And this mango flower extract should mixed with butter milk with candy sugar to eliminate loose motions. butter milk diet should be followed until it cures.
    • Mango flowers + unripe tiny mango buds conctation mixed with honey will relieve all types of throat disturbances and very useful for singers.
    • Mango flower powder when burnt acts as insect repellent and very useful to escape from mosquito bite.
    • Mango flowers were rubbed in hands as antidote for scorpion bite in ancient times.
    • Mango tree gum diluted in water useful to cure foot cracks.
    • Mango seed (which is inside of hard shell) powder + fenugreek powder  mixed in butter milk will eliminate worms in stomach.
    • Mango seed powder half spoon mixed with Whey(butter milk) will cure piles.
    • Mango roots when rubbed on foot and hands will reduce high temperature of body raised at the time of fevers.
    • Mangoes(unripe) should be kept in Coconut or sesame oil for year and the oil can be used as hair oil to eliminate bold head.
    • Mango(unripe) pieces lightly burnt on coal when kept on eyes will cure eye pains.
    • Mango tree bark which is boiled in water can be used to clean wounds. Mango bark can heal the wound in quick time.
    • Mango(unripe) pulp extracted by boiling in water or burnt on coal is mixed with sugar and salt will heal sun stroke and protects the skin from sweat in hot summer.
    • Tender mango leaves + Tender neem leaves paste is very helpful for diabetic patients when eaten.
    • unripe tiny mango buds + mango flowers +  jambul fruit should be dried and powdered and powder is very useful diabetic patients when eaten daily in small dose.
    • Mango milk shakes are very nutritional and good for children.
    • Mango flower water extract used as mouth washer to clear tooth ache's.
    • Mango leaf juice(heated) can be used as ear drops to kill the pain.
    • Mango(unripe) was consumed after eating large amounts of meat to eliminate indigestion. It has enzymes which helps in breaking down proteins and helps in digestion,elimination.
    • Raw mango drink(Kayree Panha) is very popular summer drink in India. This mango drink used to restore lost electrolytes in body.
    • Raw Mango will cures anemia,cholera,T.B due richness of Vitamin-C and other nutritional content.
    • Raw Mango powder known as 'Amchur' is famous in India consumed for natural Vitamin-C.
    • Mango murabba(marmalade) is a sweet pickle used to preserve mangoes through out year. Murabba benefits in curing gastrointestinal diseases, Heatstroke, Scurvy, Liver Disfunctions, blood disorders and richness of Vitmin-C is additional punch.
    • Mango contains Vitamin A(7%), beta-carotene(6%),lutein and zeaxanthin-23 μg,Thiamine (vit. B1)(2%),Riboflavin (vit. B2)     (3%),
    • Niacin (vit. B3) (4%),Pantothenic acid (B5)(4%),Vitamin B6(9%),Folate (vit. B9)(11%),Choline(2%),Vitamin C(44%),Vitamin E     (6%),Vitamin K(4%),Calcium(1%),Iron(1%),Magnesium(3%),Manganese(3%),Phosphorus(2%),Potassium (4%),Zinc(1%). Mango gives roughly 60 calories of energy.
    • Raw Mango pieces used in 'Uagadhi Pachadi' on New year day of Telugu/Kannada people of India.
    • Raw Mango Pickle('Avakai') is famous in south Indian dishes.
    • Mango pulp is used as face mask to get glow on face.
    Cautions with Mango:
    • Mango(unripe) when eaten don't drink water immediately it will disturb tiny layers in throat because the sticky content in mango reacts with water and causes disturbance.
    • Some people believe eating mangoes causes motions but its not true it may be caused by the chemicals used to ripe the mango. So,Eat organic mangoes.
    • Mangoes shouldn't consumed by the people who are suffering from psoriasis,intestinal ulcers and skin diseases.
    • Jumbal fruit,carom seeds,Cumin Seeds act as antidote for mangoes. 

    Tuesday, January 14, 2014


    Watermelon is also called 'Turbuja' and the botanical name is 'Citrullus lanatus'. It was first found at Africa and then carried out to all parts of the world. A variety in bitter watermelon known as 'Hakim' is used widely in medical field. China is one of the highest producers of watermelon in the world.Seedless watermelons are sterile.Hybrid melons produced in America. watermelon wine is prepared by fermenting slices and showed significant health benefits. Unripe Watermelon Pickle is famous in China. Cube like watermelons are produced in Japan for convenience in packing.

    Nutritional value with Watermelon:
    • Watermelon gives 30 calories of energy per 100grams and contains 6% of sugars and 91% of water.
    • Watermelon will cool the body by providing sufficient water content and prevents dehydration.
    • Watermelon have 'lycopene' an antioxidant which eliminates toxins, free radicals from the body and acts as anti-inflammatory.
    • Watermelon will protect from prostate cancer and prevents heart attack.
    • Watermelon will maintain electrolyte levels in the body.
    • Watermelon is used to cure asthma in recent years.
    • Watermelon cures rheumatoid arthritis and colon cancers due to presence of thiamine and riboflavin.
    • Watermelon seeds contain urease enzyme and proteins.
    • Watermelon is the best prescription for the people suffering from blood pressure.
    • Watermelon contains a compound called 'citrulline' which relaxes the body(similar to Viagra), lowers bad cholesterol and protects the heart.
    • Watermelon contains Vitamin A (4%),beta-carotene(3%),Thiamine (vit. B1)(3%),Riboflavin (vit. B2)(2%),Niacin (vit. B3)(1%),
    • Pantothenic acid (B5)(4%),Vitamin B6(3%),Choline(1%),Vitamin C(10%),Calcium(1%),Iron(2%),Magnesium(3%),Manganese(2%),Phosphorus(2%),Potassium(2%),Zinc(1%),Lycopene 4532 µg.
    • Watermelon is used in homeopathic treatment for kidney troubles.
    • Watermelon helps in better nerve and muscle functions due to presence of Potassium.
    • Watermelon protects the eye sight due to the presence of Vitamin-A.
    • Watermelon improves immunity system due to the presence of Vitamin-C.
    • Watermelon seeds contain magnesium which controls blood pressure and protects heart.
    • Watermelon seeds contain essential amino-acids (like arginine,tryptophan, glutamic acid, and lysine) which body cannot produce by its own.
    • Watermelon contains small amounts of B complex vitamins which is essential to protect digestive and nervous system.
    • Watermelon juice have no bad sugars that effect diabetic patients and produces 76 calories.
    • Watermelon juice of 1 glass every day protects from rheumatoid arthritis,osteoarthritis,colon cancer and asthma.
    • Watermelon have calcium which aids bone strength.
    • Watermelon extract when consumed daily significantly reduces blood pressure.
    Cautions with Watermelon:
    • Fully ripe watermelons are rich in anti-oxidants. Avoid weightless,low color complexion, white or black marked watermelons.
    • Watermelon is diuretic causes excess urination.
    • Watermelon flesh can be available in many colors(yellow,red). But watermelons with red color flesh is considered as more nutritional.

    Thursday, January 2, 2014


    Pineapple leaves used in textile industries to produce textile fiber. Philippines are the largest and India stands in 7th place in production of Pineapples. March - June is considered as Pineapples season. Pineapple plant is used as anti-inflammatory agent in traditional medicine. Scientifically, it is called as 'Ananas comosus' and belongs to the 'Bromeliaceae family' of genus 'Ananas'.

    Nutritional value with Pineapple:
    • Pineapple juice applied in bleeding wounds will stop blood loss.
    • Pineapple juice cures burns while passing urine.
    • Pineapple juice taken with a pinch of black pepper will cure Anemia, Morning sickness and bleeding Piles.
    • Pineapple juice cures Ring worm, Eczema and Scabies when applied on affected area.
    • Pineapple juice will increases hunger and aids better digestion when it is taken 40 minutes before meals.
    • Pineapple juice with glucose is good to escape from sunstroke.
    • Pineapple juice is good for people suffering from Jaundice, Hepatitis, Guanaria, Nephritis, Cystitis, Palpitation and Heart pain.
    • Pineapple juices help to cure stones in passage of urine and help to cure Prostate Gland enlargement.
    • Pineapple pieces with pinch of Black pepper powder and Rock salt aids digestion.
    • Pineapple leaves rubbed with castor oil and lightly heated acts as a healing bandage for bulges and swellings.
    • Pineapple will release unwanted gases and cures belching.
    • Dry Pineapple pieces treated in slaked lime and soaked in sugar syrup is known as 'Pineapple Murabba' which will eliminate excess heat in the body and decreases disgusting and anger nature.
    • Pineapple contains Thiamine (vit. B1)(7%),Riboflavin (vit. B2)(3%),Niacin (vit. B3)(3%),Pantothenic acid (B5)(4%),Vitamin B6(9%)
    • Folate (vit. B9)(5%),Choline(1%),Vitamin C(58%),Calcium(1%),Iron(2%),Magnesium(3%),Manganese(44%),Phosphorus(1%),
    • Potassium(2%),Zinc(1%).
    • Pineapple contains Bromelain enzyme extracts which helps digestion in the intestinal tract by breaking down proteins in food.
    • Pineapple rich in Vitamin-C which strengthens immunity power, eliminates ear infections, colds, flu and reduces free radical attack.
    • Pineapple contains Thiamine and Manganese which produces energy and gives Antioxidant effect.
    • Pineapple in diet will eliminate Muscular Degeneration.
    • Pineapple is rich source of dietary fiber.
    • Dried Pineapple looses all its nutrients and used for its sweet taste because it increases 3 times in sweetness when compared to fresh pineapple.
    Beauty Regime with Pineapple:
    • Pineapple juice used as face pack to remove dead cells and cure black spots on face. 
    • Pineapple juice + milk + Almonds powder was applied on face to bring extra glow to skin.

    Juices with Pineapple:

    • Pineapple juice + honey eliminate fevers.
    • Pineapple juice 2 spoons + Asafoetida 126 mg+ Rock salt 250 mg + ginger juice quarter spoon will cure stomach pains.
      Pineapple leaves juice + honey will eliminate worms in intestines.
    • Pineapple juice very helpful to get menstruation regularly in the months.
    • Pineapple juice and milk diet fights against Albuminuria disease.

    Cautions with Pineapple:
    • Excess consumption of pineapple may cause diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and acute menstrual cramps.
    • After eating pineapple, you might experience swelling or tenderness on the lips, inner cheeks and tongue due to reaction caused by pineapple's meat-tenderizing properties, and it will resolve itself.
    • Pineapple is not recommended for pregnant women because it leads uterine contractions.