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Spinach is one of the world’s healthiest foods for nutrients. Spinach leaves will be in pale color. It is rich in iron, minerals and vitamins. Spinach mainly helps in protecting the lining of the digestive parts.

Nutritional benefits of Spinach:
  • Spinach is used for restoring immediate energy and blood.
  • Spinach is the power house for phytochemicals (Lutein) which acts as a shield against diseases. (Phyto nutrients produced by the plant to protect themselves from insects and pests.)
  • Cholesterol is controlled by spinach as it has soluble fiber
  • Spinach stands in top position in iron content when compared with green leafy veggies. Iron is an important mineral for the body to produce blood cells.
  • Spinach was rich in vital vitamins and antioxidants with these it will repair damaged cells and play an important role against aging.
  • Spinach is a rich source of vitamin A and flavonoids; these play a vital role against liver cancers.
  • Spinach will improve blood clotting functionality due to rich in vitamin K.
  • Spinach rich in vitamin c it acts as an immunity booster.
  • Spinach having essential Minerals, Omega-3 and B-complex vitamins which aids completes body health.
  • Consuming spinach will helps in building bones, nourishing eye and good for digestion removes ulcers in the stomach and flushes toxins protects the stomach. It will remove all types of skin problems.
  • Taking spinach every day will aid body to grab folic-acid and it’s tending to increase blood count (Anti-Anemia).
  • It is best for pregnant ladies to take Cabbage, Cucumber and Spinach with combination folic acid tablets.
 Cautions with Spinach:  
  • Clean spinach in salt water as quickly as possible (salt water removes pesticides which stored in the leaves), long time soaking spinach in water will lose nutrients which are water soluble.
  • Don't over boil spinach. It will lose nutrients.
  • While making spinach recipe add onions or cabbage or beans or Yam or Mustard seeds for preserving nutrients and balance the oxalates in spinach while cooking.
  • Due to over oxalates present in spinach it was dangerous for people who are suffering with stones in the kidney.
  • Cooking spinach will increase the beta carotene and lutein levels and decrease Vitamin-C and foliate levels. Best to consume in both ways.
  • Due to the presence of Oxalic acid it reduces absorption of calcium and iron. To reduce the effect add food rich in Vitamin-C or boil the leaves for 2mins.
 Juices with Spinach:
  • Taking Pure Spinach Soup 3 teaspoons 3times a day will act as a medicine to control loose motions.
  • To control High Blood pressure, burns or pains while passing urine and different heart diseases use spinach juice mixed with coconut water as a remedy.
  • For obesity, diabetes and persons who are having more water content in the body can take 1 teaspoon Lemon juice + 2 Teaspoons Spinach Juice mixed with 8 spoons of horse gram soup 1 hour before lunch (Recommended dose daily 2 times) as a remedy.


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