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What is thyroid glad?
Thyroid is a small gland which is like a butterfly in structure and situated near throat. Thyroid is very important gland in the body when it functions lesser, life will be very slow,inactive and when it functions greater life will be full of puzzles, difficulties. Neglecting this Thyroid will cause disturbances in body parts which located from eyes to heart. Always need to track thyroid glad in the body.

Thyroid gland function:

Thyroid will produce T3, T4 hormones by utilizing iodine in food. These hormones will reach to all parts of body through blood and keeps all the body parts in active state. These T- hormones will be balanced by Thyroid stimulating hormone(TSH) which is released by pituitary glad in the body. The disturbance in synchronization between hormones of thyroid and pituitary glads  will leads to Thyroid disturbances. 

What is meant by thyroid nodule?

A group of thyroid cells that grow inside thyroid glad and forms a lump. Thyroid ultrasound, MRI and CT scan are the measures to detect thyroid nodule. This thyroid nodule often confused with thyroid cancer. Severity of thyroid nodule leads to thyroid cancer. Thyroiditis is defined as inflammation of the thyroid gland.

Types of thyroid issues:

The body defense mechanism(Immunity system) sometimes think thyroid as intruder and fight against the gland and kills its functionality. In these situation it leads to two cases 1) Hypothyroidism : decreased production of hormones by thyroid 2) Hyperthyroidism : Increased production of hormones by thyroid.

Symptoms of Hypothyroidism disease: In-activeness, tidiness, always want sleep, dry skin,less sweating , increased weight,irregular menstrual periods, hair loss, loss of memory, constipation, indigestion, difficulty in cool environment are the symptoms of hypothyroidism.These symptoms particularly high in women. Chemical reactions between hormones in women and thyroid hormones causes thyroid disturbance. When the symptoms of bulged throat , less development in children, late menstrual cycle are observed, need to take T3,T4 and TSH medical thyroid tests. If t3,t4 hormones are functioning in low level or normal level with increased level of TSH function indicates disturbance in Thyroid function. 

Proper medication need to take for thyroid symptoms. Doctors prescribe tablets which need to take for whole life. Need to take these tablets in early morning on empty stomach.women need not neglect these medication while in the time of pregnancy. If medication ignored person will go to coma it is known as myxedema. Thyroid plays important role in pregnant women. People suffers from throat bulge(gator) with deficiency of iodine. Need to follow thyroid diet upon doctor prescription.

Natural thyroid treatment for hypo-thyroidism:

People suffering from hypothyroidism need to intake cereals, leafy veggies, fish which are high in iron and vitamin-B. Need to avoid soya,cabbage,bracoli, mustards, spinach,strawberries,radish,cauliflower, Pearl millet because they have capacity to release goitrogens which infuse thyroid hormones.

Symptoms of Hyperthyroidism disease: irritation, low levels of mental balance,Palpitation, over sweating, weight reduction,sleeplessness,shivering, difficulty in facing heat are the symptoms of Hyperthyroidism. Symptoms of palpitation, resembling multi dimensional images before eyes, women without pregnancy, Bulging Eyes are considered as extreme levels of Hyperthyroidism.

Doctors prescribe medication of anti thyroid for Hyperthyroidism. For thyroid cancer, surgery to remove the gland or Radio Iodine treatment will be done if needed.

Natural thyroid treatment for hyper-thyroidism:

People suffering from Hyperthyroidism need to intake cereals, foods which are rich in anti-oxidants and omega fatty acids.

Majorly 80% of troubles caused by Hypothyroidism only 20% were affected from Hyperthyroidism. Interestingly people with age between 20-30 are suffering from Thyroid. 

Thyroid supplements:

Iodine plays important role in treating thyroid,kelp or seaweed,flax seeds,ginger,Coconut oil are other foods which naturally defense thyroid disease.Exercise regularly. Exercise brings fresh oxygen to the body and aids in removal of bad toxins.


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