Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Kidney disease

Kidney problems:
Kidneys play vital role in eliminating wastes and toxins from the body. Kidneys releases body waste in urination and balances minerals and essential salts in the body. Kidneys functions 24 hours a day to keep us healthy. Kidney releases a hormone called 'erythropoietin' to balance blood levels in the body. If kidneys fails to do any of the above jobs it is considered as kidney problem.one on each side slightly above the waist and just a little towards the back near spine is exact kidney location in the body.
Kidney failure stages:
There are three types of kidney troubles. When kidneys functioning stops suddenly it is called as acute renal failure. When kidneys gradually stops functioning with in weeks, it is called as Rapid progressive failure. When kidneys gradually slow downs its functioning , it is called as chronic kidney failure. Acute renal failure of kidneys are dangerous but 90% of recovering the kidneys can be possible. Chronic kidney failure can be reduced by using medicines and sophisticated diet.

Reasons for kidney problems :

Main reasons for kidney failure are obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure leads chronic kidney failure. Due to these reasons pressure on kidneys gradually increases and leads kidney functional disturbances. Stones in kidneys, kidney bulge can also cause for kidney failure. Enlargement of prostate gland often seen in old-age people, high levels of cholesterol in the body also leads to kidney failure.

Kidney disease symptoms:

  • It is very difficult to know whether kidneys are functioning correctly. Symptoms can't be observed. But people with diabetes, high blood pressure, if elder people suffered from kidney disease in a family lineage need to take constant kidney health checkup.
  • Loss of protein in urine, leg inflammation, sudden bulge of face, fatigue,tiredness, anemia, vomiting' s,indigestion,skin rashes, cool sensation in summer,back pain near waist(lumbago),High blood pressure are the few symptoms of kidney failure.
  • Symptoms of decrease of strong smell in urine, frequent urination at nights  are the important kidney disease symptoms. people suffering with diabetes need to check sugar levels.
Checking kidney health:
  • checking protein percentage in urine, serum creatinine, ultrosound, PTH are the medical tests to estimate kidney failure.
Kidney disease diet:

Arousing of any problem related to kidney need to follow strict diet. 

  • Need to avoid meat,sweets,chocolates and sweeteners. Need to intake cereals which high fiber content like(Wheat, Barley,Millets,Oats,..,etc). Due to intake of cereals energy will be released slowly in blood and reduces pressure on kidneys.
  • Need to reduce salt. Salts increases bad water content in body causing obesity, leg inflammations and fatigue. Salt is one of reason for forming stones in kidney. Intake only 4grams of salt every day. Avoid salted nuts,pickles and salt biscuits.
  • Need to intake Omega fatty acids, poly unsaturated fats to reduce bad cholesterol which is formed my kidney failure.
  • Need to avoid Banana,Papaya, water melon,oranges and other foods which are high in potassium. Excess potassium levels increases pressure on kidneys. Kidneys cannot flush potassium easily. Before using vegetables soak them one hour in water to decrease potassium levels.
  • Intake buttermilk avoid milk,curd and other bakery items.Avoid vitamin-D capsules which increases calcium in the urantion and leads to kidney stones. Avoid yellow starch in egg, Tea,coffee, betel nut, cool drinks which have high levels of phosphates.
  • Chronic disease can be controlled by following above diet. Kidney dialysis need to be done if the symptoms are severe and final stage is kidney transplantation. 
Nephrology is the medical term which deals with kidney diseases.March 13th is considered as world kidney day.National Kidney Foundation(NKF) is a major voluntary health organization in the New York,USA with over 30 local branches across the country.


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