Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Stomach Gas and Bloating

Stomach Gas and Bloating:
Releasing excess gas from stomach is a natural phenomena in human body. This process is known as Belching or burping. Swallowing air while drinking or eating quickly is the main reason of belching. Inflammation of the stomach lining is known as gastritis, delayed emptying stomach is known as gastroparesis. These diseases of stomach are related to chronic belching.

When gas doesn't go from stomach in natural way, it will buildup from stomach to intestines and leads stomach bloating. This stomach bloating will causes intense abdominal pain. Releasing gas or a bowel movement may relax the pain.

Stomach bloating with vomiting, diarrhea and stomach cramps with gas is known as Gastroenteritis. Food poison, unhygienic water, close contact with affected person leads to Gastroenteritis. Drinking of clean water by mixing salt and sugar is natural remedy for Gastroenteritis. Electrolyte powder,oral rehydration solution with proper care is needed to overcome this situation.

What causes stomach gas?
Food we eat, irregular life style, swallowing food without chewing, talking while eating, fiber foods like beans, chemical reaction of bacteria on food,  some foods like pulses,cereals, beans and cauliflower which are really good also a reason, carbonated drinks, smoking , foods that contain sulphur like meat,cauliflower,eggs which causes gas with bad smell, indigestible sugars in stomach reacts with bacteria in colon  and releases gas, indigestible fructose also releases gas, bacteria in intestine releases gas.

Prevention of stomach gas causes:
Chew the food properly, chewing slowly, limited food intake, stop smoking, Avoid Tobacco related mouth fresheners, exercise daily,limiting carbonated drinks and sweets, eating at regular times, drinking 10-12 glasses of fluids , simple walk after eating food, walking.

Stomach gas remedies:
  • Coriander seeds will relieve stomach gas and bloating. Coriander seeds will reduce stomach pain.
  • Ginger with honey in hot water act as stomach gas pain relief.
  • Intake ginger pieces with 1 spoon of lemon juice after every meal. It helps in quick digestion and eliminate stomach gas.
  • Asafoetida is a good remedy for eliminating stomach gas and bloating.
  • Garlic with Chickpeas (brown) or Bengal gram soup will cure stomach pain and gas.
  • Peach tree leaves in hot water will release excess stomach gas.
  • Carom seeds with Cardamom, black pepper and dry ginger powder will relieve stomach gas and bloating.
  • Cinnamon will reduce stomach pain and gas.
  • Holy basil leaves will prevent forming of stomach gas.
  • Asafoetida with rock salt, dry ginger and Cardamom powder will give stomach gas relief.
  • Cumin seeds boiled extract will act as stomach gas medicine.
  • Carom seeds,beewort root, dry ginger ,fennel seeds ,mustard seeds , fenugreek seeds, cardamom, cumin seeds, sour grapes are excellent stomach gas medicines or home remedies for stomach gas prevention.


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