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Eating icecream cause cold..??

Eating ice cream cause cold..??
Cold is an irritating infection which is contagious too.When u get cold, you feel irritated,throat disturbances,body pains, sneezes and running nose.

Whatever tips or medicines we use, will just give temporary relief but doesn't cure permanently.Many people get cold affected when ever season changes. People believe that eating ice-cream and drinking cold water in summer and drinking lemon, oranges and other citrus fruit juices in winter causes Cold. And they also exaggerate that this will cause tonsils. 

Cold get affected even if people don't eat ice-cream or drink citrus juices. Weather consists of Rhino Virus which enter our body regularly without our knowledge.When ever resistance power reduces in human body the effect of rhino virus shown. Whenever weather is cold or very hot, this virus causes cold entering into body and cold can get caused even with allergy.

People believe that intake of citrus fruits causes cold and so they shouldn't be consumed when cold got affected. But, this citrus fruits are not at all a reason. In fact citrus fruits acts as medicine to reduce cold. Vitamin-C in citrus fruits will increase resistance power and helps in reduction of cold. some people think onion got power to reduce cold.

But, if the onion is consumed more bad affects will be there when compared to good. The experiment on animals resulted in anemic nature when onions consumed. It's been proven that consumption of a kilo onions per day will result in anemia in human begins.

When Rhino virus entered in to body, a thin layer in nose and throat will be covered by water and gets swollen, so this result dead cell formation in that areas and pushed as mucus.

Role of Lemon juice in prevention of cold

In 1970's many scientists' and doctors' hard work resulted that Vitamin-C will help in prevention of cold. Dr.Pouling's book, "Vitamin C- Cold" stated that usage of 1000 mg of Vitamin C daily will reduce 45% of Cold and increases 60% of your body resistance power. He also suggested that taking Vitamin C accordingly would reduce cold completely. All his experiments have been proven by Anderson.

In 1912, Vitamin C is named as Scurvy Vitamin and Anti-Scarbutin. Later in
1918, British had named this vitamin it as C as it dissolves in water. In 1921, Santas and Drammand's argument changed its named prefixed by Vitamin and it came into usage as "Vitamin C". 

Vitamin C will stay in more amounts in only some parts of our body. Vitamin C plays an important role staying in Edrinaline and WBC and whenever we get angry or feel tensed or fear, these edrinal glands release Edrinaline, WBC which fights against the disease causing bacteria.

In 1971, the experiments conducted in scotland had proven that Vitamin-C in WBC is completely used in 24hours after cold got affected.

Required levels of Vitamin-C ?

Following are the percentage weightages :
  • Men - 35 to 45Mg
  • Women - 35 to 45Mg
  • Pregnants - 60Mg
  • Lactating women- 80Mg
Our body has a capacity of storing Vitamin-C required for a month and these will be reduced drastically once we are affected with disease. Vitamin - C will be hindranced when we are stressed mentally and physically. people who smoke, drink and drug addicts will even suffer with Vitamin-C deficiency. Its been recognised that the volume of Vitamin-C is very less in smokers.  People who went for surgeries will recover soon by intake of Vitamin-C suppliments. Vitamin-C removes the poison effect due to heavy metals in the body.

Percentage levels of Vitamin-C in Fruits and veggies:
  • Orange - 50Mg
  • Grapes - 38Mg
  • Lemon - 46Mg
  • Pineapple - 17Mg
  • Banana -10Mg
  • Cauliflower - 78Mg
  • Cabbage - 47Mg
  • Green Peas - 27Mg
  • Tomato - 23Mg
  • Potato - 20Mg
  • Green Pepper - 128Mg
  • Green Turnip - 139Mg
Don't mix sugar in any juice, that makes cold severe. Add natural honey instead of sugar.


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