Monday, June 2, 2014

Barley grains

Barley(malted) is essential grain in making beer and whiskey. Barley used to thicken the soup. Russia is one of top producers of barley in the world. In England barley is used as algicide which prevents algae in water.Barley have eight essential amino-acids which is essential for human body. In Saudi Arabia barley soup was taken traditionally on Ramdin festival. Barley is used as common diet for autoimmune disorder of the small intestine.Greeks believe that barley is important food for athletes.Hordearii is another name of gladiators which means 'eaters of barley'. In china, barley is treated as symbol of male virility. Barley water will make the body cool.

Nutritional Benefits with Barley grains:

  • Barley fights with many skin diseases.
  • Barley + dry gooseberry powder will eliminate obesity.
  • Barley + cow ghee smoke will reduce cold.
  • Barley gruel + honey will stop vomits, fever, thirst and stomach pains.
  • Barley boiled milk will eliminates constipation.
  • Barley + Wheat + Fenugreek seed paste acts as medicine for bulges or wounds.
  • Barley and Brown rice decoction + gooseberry juice will eliminate anemia.
  • Barley + sesame seeds + rock candy powder with honey will reduce the risk of abortions.
  • Barley ash + sesame oil will relieve pains occurred due to burns.
  • Barley ash + rock candy will fights against Asthma.
  • Barley powder will eliminate kidney stones.
  • Barley will helps to reduce cholesterol in the body. Its has pectin and sticky substance to lower cholesterol levels.
  • Barley have beta glucans and tocotrienol which helps in eliminating cholesterol.
  • Barley - 5kg, small Chick peas -1.5kg, soybeans - 1kg, Fenugreek seeds - 1kg, Wheat -1kg  dry powder will lower diabetes. This mix can used in making roti and breads.
  • Barley + chick peas paste with milk will fights against oily skin when applied on face.
  • Barley powder can be used as facepack.
  • Barley boosts intestine power and protects intestinal health.
  • Barley gruel + lemon juice + buttermilk eliminate urinary infections.
  • Barley increase production of milk in lactating mothers.
  • Barley powder + vinegar will reduce headache when applied.
  • Barley is rich in carbohydrates and fiber due to this Barley makes digestion process easy.
  • Barley is rich in folate and B-vitamins which is essential for old-age people and pregnents.
  • Barley didn't have lysine amino acid so better to take Barley with Eggs, meat , milk and beans.
  • Barley have molybdenum-59.9%, manganese-59.5%, fiber-42.4%, selenium-42%, copper-34.4%, vitamin B1-33.3%, chromium-23.3%, phosphorus-23.1%, magnesium-20.3%, vitamin B3-17.6%.
  • Barley decreases the risk factor of colon cancer and hemorrhoids.
  • Barley is very useful in reducing high blood pressure and heart attacks.
  • Barley prevents gallstones due to presence of insoluble fiber.
  • Barley has selenium which fights against certain cancers.
  • Barley reduces rheumatoid arthritis due to presence of copper.
  • Barley has phosphorus which repair cells and protects body tissues.
Cautions with Barley grains:
  • People who have guliten sensitivity or allergy shouldn't consume Barley.
  • Barley shouldn't be consumed before and after surgery.
  • Barley sprouts shouldn't be consumed during pregnancy.


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