Saturday, February 15, 2014

Indian Gooseberry

Indian Gooseberry:
Indian gooseberry is a popular fruit in India for it richness in Vitamin-C. No other fruit cannot be compared to Indian gooseberry in terms of Vitamin-C. if it is dried ,the amount of Vitamin-C will not be change.Its botanical name is Phyllanthus emblica and popularly called as Amla or Amlika. Only 10 grams of Indian gooseberry is enough to fulfill daily requirement of vitamin-c. Great saint Adi-Sankaracharya recited Kanakadhara stotram to make poor brahmin lady become wealthy by taking Amla from her as charity on lunar day dwadashi. Hindus believe God Vishnu resides in Amla tree. There is a festival called Amalaka Ekadashi related to Amla. It is very precious to eat under Amla tree on Karthika month in india.

Nutritional Benefits with Indian Gooseberry:
  • Indian gooseberry juice or Amla juice one spoon is equal to 2 kilos of Guava, 18 kilo Grapes, 3 kilos of Mangoes, 180 cups of cow milk in terms of vitamin-C.
  • Indian gooseberry juice one spoon a day will cure Asthma,Cold and other respiratory diseases.
  • Indian gooseberry juice 2-3 times a day will cure mouth and nose bleeds.
  • Indian gooseberry powder or amla powder 2 spoons a day will remove all troubles related to menstruation.
  • Indian gooseberry powder or amla powder will be very useful to gain bone strength.
  • Amla powder + Inknut + turmeric extract will cure diabetes which is minor affected.
  • Amla powder + banana leaf and flower extract will regularize monthly menstrual periods.
  • Amla extract is very useful for people suffering from Rheumatism and joint pains.
  • Amla Churna is very helpful to fight against initial stage of cancer.
  • Amla powder + milk will cure stomach burns.
  • Amla powder is very useful to maintain good sight and to eliminate eye troubles.
  • Amla powder + Neem powder can be used as tooth powder to cure tooth pains and mouth ulcers.
  • Amla bark powder + Mango seed(which is inside shell) powder mixed with water will strengthen hair. This mango amla powder gives think hair growth.
  • Amla bark extract will control loose motions.
  • Amla hair oil benefits hair growth. It has ability to penetrate the scalp, strengthens hair from the root and prevents grey hair.
  • Amla hair oil acts as chelating agent which binds ions of iron and copper.
  • Amla oil used for hair and skin to cure various diseases.
  • indian gooseberry extract or Amla extract exhibits Anti-inflamatory and Anticoagulant(prevent the coagulation of blood in brain and other parts) properties.
  • Amla Juice or Amla Oil or Amla powder act as antiviral and anti microbial.
  • Amla leaves or Amla fruit or Amla bark fights against cancer, age-related disease of a kidneys, and diabetes.
  • Indian gooseberry contains Vitamin A - 9%,Vitamin C-69%,Vitamin E-3%,Thiamin-4%,Riboflavin-3%,Niacin-2%,VitaminB6-6%
  • Folate-2%,Pantothenic Acid-4%,Calcium-4%,Iron-3%,Magnesium-4%,Phosphorus-4%,Potassium-8%,Zinc-1%,Copper-5%,Manganese-11%,Selenium-1%.
Cautions with Indian gooseberry:
  • Indian gooseberry should not be heated. Eating Indian gooseberry which is mildly heated can be consumed.
  • Dry the Indian gooseberry in a shadow place under sun.
  • Over Consumption of raw extract of Indian gooseberry juice will leads to throat pain.


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Gooseberry contains Vitamin A - 9%,Vitamin C-69%,Vitamin E-3%,Thiamin-4%,Riboflavin-3%,Niacin-2%,VitaminB6-6%. I'm very thankful to you Vira for posting the percentage of the ingredients Gooseberry has. It will be useful for me to write blog about Gooseberry Juice. Thank you for sharing.

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