Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Wheat grass

Wheat grass:
Wheat grass is prepared from the wheat plant. The wheat grass can be either in the form of tablet, juice or powder. Wheatgrass is different from Malt as this grows longer than malt. Wheat grass has many health benefits.

Nutritional values with Wheat grass:
  • Wheat grass Chlorophyll molecular structure has similarities to hemoglobin structure which present in blood.
  • Wheat grass helps the blood to carry oxygen very quickly to all parts of body. This increases body immunity.
  • Wheat grass makes blood and body to cleanse easily.
  • Wheat sprouts also highly beneficial in nutritional value.
  • Wheat sprouts 3 spoons + Fenugreek sprouts 1 spoon will create robust defense system and exhibits anti-aging effect.
  • Wheat grass juice contains almost all essential amino-acids.
  • Wheat grass juice is a easily digestible product, it doesn't require any enzymes to secret in stomach.
  • Wheat grass will eliminate all toxic metals which are included in body tissues.
  • Wheat grass shot means 30ml of concentrated wheat grass juice will ensure targeted vegetable serving per day.
  • Dry wheat grass powder has more nutritional value than the wheat grass juice.
  • Wheat grass juicers and wheat grass growing kits have specific demand in the market.
  • Wheat grass seeds need to soak for 24 hours and used for seeding to get organic wheat grass.
  • Wheat grass restores body alkalinity thus reduces indigestion, thyroid gland disorders and obesity.
  • Wheat grass is powerful detoxifier which boosts liver performance.
  • Wheat grass juice will help rejuvenate hair and removes dandruff if applied on scalp before using shampoo.
  • Wheat grass is considered as brain food because it contains liquid oxygen which increases brain functionality.
  • Wheat grass powerful cleansing effect made to exhibit anti aging properties.
Juices with Wheat grass:
  • Wheat grass juice + honey increase poor levels of hemoglobin.
  • Wheat grass juice enhances good sound sleep.
  • Wheat grass juice is used to treat arthritis and cancer.
  • Wheat grass juice or wheat grass supplements will give energy boost with in 20-30 mins of time.
  • Wheat grass contains almost all vitamins,minerals,omega-3-fatty acids and amino acids but still scientists need to declare correct nutritional value.
Cautions with Wheat grass:
  • Unlike animals which breaks grass into sugars human body not designed for it.so its better to take wheat grass juice instead of wheat grass.
  • If you don't like better taste of wheat grass juice mix it with other fruit juices to get multiple benefits.
  • Nutritional benefits of wheat grass juice entirely depends on  growing methods. if primary focus on organic wheat grass try to take wheat grass supplements like wheat grass powder or wheat grass capsules.
  • Wheat grass juice is recommended to take on empty stomach. Early morning after wake up is best time to consume wheat grass juice.
  • Lot of people say people who are allergic to gluten can also consume wheat grass juice. 


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